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Unique Camping + Marine Releases Two Brand New Products!

July 20, 2017

New Products! Unique Holding Tank Cleaner and Unique Sensor Cleaner


Unique Camping and Marine release four new revolutionary tank products that guarantee RV owners can affordably travel odor and clog-free.

Unique Camping and Marine released two new tank cleaning products to help RV owners easily and affordably control waste and odors in their black and gray holding tanks. Additionally, Unique Camping and Marine expanded its flagship product, RV Digest-It, by introducing powder treatments.

Unique Manufacturing and Marketing brand “Unique Camping and Marine” announced Thursday, July 20th, that it released four new products to solve odor and waste issues that commonly plague RV owners: RV Sensor Cleaner, RV Tank Cleaner, and two powder additions to its RV Digest-It brand of tank treatments.

RV Sensor Cleaner is the most advanced formula of its kind. The safe, microbial-based cleaning solution is guaranteed to restore tank level gauges overnight without dangerous or caustic chemicals. RV Sensor Cleaner works without driving, so “full-timers” and permanently parked units can resolve sensor problems.

RV tank sensors, which indicate waste levels in tanks, often indicate “full” when debris or corrosion clogs the sensors. A blend of highly concentrated, specially formulated bacteria and enzymes remove the toughest debris and corrosion from RV tank sensors, and restores sensors to their original condition.

“You won’t find a stronger or better working solution for sensors out there,” said Ricky Stewart, Brand Manager for Unique Camping and Marine. “We’ve been developing this formula for years and early users of RV Sensor Cleaner have had phenomenal results.”

RV Tank Cleaner is another new release from Unique Camping and Marine. RV Tank Cleaner provides a simple, inexpensive solution to RV owners with backed-up black water tanks. With RV Tank Cleaner, RV owners can unclog their tanks without manual labor or unsanitary physical repairs.

“RV Tank Cleaner is similar to RV Digest-It in its ability to break down and liquefy waste, but it’s ultra-concentrated and extra-strength, so it can unclog the worst tanks in a matter of hours,” said Ricky Stewart. “We’re excited to give folks with clogged holding tanks a solution that works quickly, costs less than $20, and saves them the hassle of taking their RV or trailer in for repairs.”

RV owners have used Unique RV Digest-it to open clogged tanks and minimize hassle and expense. RV Tank Cleaner promises a stronger, more advanced formula that works faster and more efficiently. This helps RV owners get back on the road instead of dealing with disgusting tank clogs and expensive repair bills.

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Unique Camping and Marine also released two new additions to its flagship product, RV Digest-It, to meet consumer demand. RV Digest-It Powder Formula guarantees all the benefits of RV Digest-It liquid treatment: best-in-class odor control, rapid solid waste breakdown, and maximum value at less than $1 per treatment in almost all sizes. However, the Powder Formula adds two important benefits: higher concentrated treatments and more treatments per container.

“RV Digest-It has always been a favorite amongst savvy RV owners because they know that nothing controls odors better and breaks down waste faster. Our new powders take fresh smelling bathrooms to a new level. The amount of active probiotics in the powder is off the charts, which means the best working tank treatment just got better,” said Ricky Stewart.

The new powders come in 30-treatment containers and 120-treatment containers, allowing Unique to drop the price even lower than its liquid counterparts. With RV Digest-It Powder Treatment, customers can treat their tanks for as low as $.62 per treatment.

All four new products begin shipping Thursday, July 20th.

About Unique Camping and Marine

Unique Camping and Marine is a Colorado-based manufacturer of premium, earth-friendly products. Unique Camping and Marine believes deeply in its creed of “Safe Products That Work.” They back every product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and pride themselves on being the brand that focuses on developing new and better waste treatments. Their competition rolls out subpar and overpriced treatments, but Unique Camping and Marine remains committed to providing the safest, most effective products at the best possible value.

Why use a Unique product?

According to Brand Manager Ricky Stewart, “If you ask anyone who has ever used our products, they will tell you. There is nothing like them. Our commitment to making real solutions, not just products, is evident. We spare no expense in crafting the best working products at exceptional value. Though there are plenty of wealthy RV owners, we also that there are many people on fixed incomes whose RVs and motorhomes are their permanent homes. We believe they deserve to live with the same comforts of fresh bathrooms that you’d find in a traditional home.”

Unique Camping and Marine’s motto “We’re in the line of doody” continues to be true with these new and needed additions.


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