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Why You Should Keep Water In Your RV Toilet

October 05, 2020

Why You Should Keep Water In Your RV Toilet - Unique Camping + Marine

It can sometimes seem like a waste to keep water in your RV toilet bowl, which leaves many people wondering: Is it really that important to keep water in my toilet bowl all the time? 

Here at Unique Camping + Marine, we believe that the answer is yes! We strongly recommend that you keep several inches of water in your toilet bowl during your RV trip, and in this short article, we’re going to tell you why.

Keeping several inches of water in your toilet bowl will create a water barrier preventing disgusting smells from seeping up into your RV living space.

Have you ever noticed the shape of the pipe on your home toilet or wondered how sewer smells don’t enter your home through your toilet? Well, the answer lies in how the pipe and toilet bowl hold water. Home toilets come equipped with a p-trap (a pipe shaped like a p) connected directly underneath the toilet. The pipe has a low point to catch and hold a small amount of water every time you flush your toilet. Water in a highly effective sealant against nasty smells, and this small water barrier blocks sewer odors from entering your home. Just to be safe, home toilet bowls also automatically refill with water, creating yet another water barrier against foul smells. 

The same concept applies to your RV toilet. The only difference is that the water does not add automatically to your toilet bowl. Instead, you have to add the water to your toilet bowl manually. Simply press your flush pedal down partially so that water begins to flow into your toilet bowl but not so much that your valve opens. This will allow you to fill your toilet bowl with water without flushing the water down your RV sewer line.

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The Unique Method

While an important step in odor prevention, keeping several inches of water in your toilet bowl is only one small part of proper holding tank care. In order to enjoy clog-and-odor free holding tanks, you must implement a wide spectrum of proper care habits. 

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! To make it simple, we’ve developed The Unique Method as a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and powerful solution that will virtually eliminate clogs, odors, and misreading sensors. This article has specifically addressed Rule #5 of The Unique Method: always keep several inches of water in your toilet bowl. If you’ve been looking for a process that will put an end to disgusting and annoying clogs, odors, and misreading sensors, then The Unique Method is for you!

if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at We’re always here to help you solve any problems you might run into!

Adopt The Unique Method

You bought your RV so you could enjoy life and spend time with family and friends. The last thing you want to do is waste precious time and money on fixing wastewater holding tank problems. Keeping your tanks in peak operating condition doesn’t have to be hard, confusing, or expensive if you follow our proven process: The Unique Method.

The Unique Method is a comprehensive tank care plan that we developed after years of conversations with real customers facing real problems. The Unique Method provides you with simple, preventative steps to stop odors, clogs, and sensor problems before they start so you can spend less time worrying about your holding tanks and more time enjoying the freedom and adventure of RVing. Try it yourself and see why thousands of campers trust their RVs with The Unique Method every day.

If you need more help with anything covered in this guide or simply have a comment, we’re here to help you anytime!

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