Nurses Stay in Donated RVs

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It’s no secret that the RV community has tremendously stepped up during this time through generosity, compassion, and overall genuine kindness. ER nurse, Naomi Barajas, is feeling exponentially grateful for the RV community and her new home on wheels. Her RV was donated so that she would not have to worry about exposing her family to the virus.

Similar to the RVs for MDs FaceBook group page, Naomi received her trailer from another FaceBook group called ‘Ventura County Trailers for Nurses COVID-19 Response’. This group page started in late March to pair medical workers in the Ventura County area with RVs from local RV lots, dealerships, and neighbors. Ever since, this group has been thriving and they have paired countless medical workers with a new home to protect their loved ones from the virus for the time being. 

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