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RV Toilet Cleaner + Holding Tank Enhancer

Unique Camping + Marine

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  • Make Your Toilet Sparkle and Boost Your System At The Same Time

    Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

    • Removes Stains from Porcelain and Plastic Bowls
    • Infuses Beneficial Bacteria with Each Cleaning
    • Helps Reduces Tank Odors
    • Lubricates Seals
    • Helps Remove Hard Water Stains
    • Fragrance Free
    • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
    • Safe For Your Family, Septic Systems, and the Environment
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Safely and effectively clean your toilets

    A clean RV is a happy RV. But sometimes can seem like certain compromises need to be made in order to get your RV truly clean. Using traditional cleaning products, like bleach-based products, can be harmful to the bacterial environment in your black water tank, not to mention the harm bleaches, etc. can cause to you and the ones you love. You need a product that is going to deep clean the toilets in your RV while keeping your holding tank flowing and your loved ones as safe as possible.

    Unique’s RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner uses an ultra-effective blend of safe cleaning agents and bacteria to get your plastic or porcelain toilet sparkling clean (even removing hard water stains) while enhancing beneficial bacterial processes in your holding tank, reducing black water holding tank odors. Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner also lubricates your toilets’s seals as well. It’s safe for you and your loved ones and is made in USA using only the highest quality, eco-friendly ingredients. Most importantly, it is guaranteed to work.

    Remove RV Toilet Stains Safely

    Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner’s proprietary ingredients instantly work cleaning stubborn residue inside both plastic and porcelain toilets that can cause unsightly stains and unpleasant odors, leaving your toilet looking fresh and smelling clean. Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner is also extremely effective at removing hard water staining from the toilet as well, which can be a recurring problem when you are on the road. Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner’s ingredients are unlike many other toilet bowl cleaners on the market because it doesn’t rely on caustic, harsh chemicals to do the cleaning. Instead, we use only the most effective and safe blend to ensure that your toilet is sparking clean.

    Enhance Your RV Black Water Holding Tank Every Time You Clean.

    The proprietary ingredients in Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner do indeed get your toilets to sparkle, but the benefits don’t stop there. The bacterial blend in Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner, when flushed down into the holding tank, goes to work to eliminate odors in your holding tank. The way it works is very simple. It is good to remember that Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner is bacterial based and bacteria need a food source to survive. The odors inside your black water holding are the perfect food source for the bacteria. Once the bacteria encounters a food source (the odors in your black water holding tank), it becomes active and begins to eat. As the bacteria eat, they produce enzymes. These enzymes help to break the odors down into more easily digestible portions for the bacteria so they can completely eat and digest that odor, leaving behind nothing but carbon dioxide and water.

    Question: How much toilet cleaner should I add to the bowl?

    In general, you should use enough toilet cleaner to completely coat the inside surfaces of your toilet bowl after the product has been spread around with a toilet-cleaning brush or sponge. Most likely, this will require a generous amount of product—at least a couple of ounces. You may need to reapply in order to remove especially tough stains.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredient CAS Purpose
    Water 7732-18-5
    Bacillus Bacterial/Enzyme Blend Withheld Break Down Organic Waste
    Carbopol Aqua SF-1 by Lubrizol Mixture Thickens Liquid
    Blue 1 SEN00640 Liquid Mixture Creates Blue Liquid
    Readily Biodegradable Surfactant Withheld Holds Formula in Solution, Cleans
    Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 Balances PH

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    Universal Product Identifiers

    RV Toilet Cleaner and Tank Enhancer 24 oz.

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    UPC 736683000456
    Size 24 oz.

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