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The Unique Method Treatment Pack



A Tank Treatment Pack Designed Specifically To Be Used With The Unique Method

Enjoy Odor-Free, Clog-Free, PROBLEM FREE Tanks With This Perfectly Packed Bundle

  • The official companion pack for users of The Unique Method
  • Designed for campers of all types: hookups, dry camping, and full time RVers
  • Eliminates odors in all climates
  • Digests solid waste inside tank and discharge lines
  • Prevents sensor misreads
  • Works in all climates and weather conditions
  • Treats black, gray, and galley tanks
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Formulated with trust - contains no hidden chemicals
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The Problem

Maintaining your holding tanks in your RV is hands down one of the most important aspects of owning an RV. Holding tank neglect or mismanagement is all too common and can result in a ruined RV trip, not to mention possible whole-system failure, costing $1,000’s in repairs and replacements. But where do you even start the process of maintaining your tanks? There are so many “popular” holding tank treatment products and methods out there that claim to do it all. But a lot of these methods and treatments suggest doing things that go against everything you’ve ever learned about your holding tank, like using bleach for tank cleaning! In the end, after trying all of the treatments and methods recommended by fellow RVers, you’re still left dealing with holding tank problems. Here’s the truth: you don’t have to struggle with odors, waste build-up, or misreading sensors. There is a treatment method that DOES work! Introducing the Unique Method Camping Pack.

The Solution

Trusted by thousands of RVer’s across the US, the Unique Method accompanied by The Unique Method Camping Pack is a scientifically-proven approach to keeping your holding tanks clean, flowing, and odor-free, in all climates and environments. This pack includes a collection of our most powerful holding tank treatments and cleaners specifically designed to help you in using the Unique Method with your holding tanks.

Whether you’re dry camping, on hook-ups, or living full-time in your RV, The Unique Method Camping Pack, in unison with The Unique Method, will keep your toilets and holding tanks, odor-free and clog-free, all while cleaning and maintaining your sensors. Now that’s whole-tank treatment!

The Science

The Unique Method Camping Pack includes 3 products specifically tailored to addressing every need inside your tank:

What's Included:

RV Digest-It

Unique RV Digest-It’s powerful probiotic blend goes to work quickly digesting solid waste and residual sludge build-up inside your holding tanks, preventing backups and clogs from happening in the first place. It’s advanced blend of bacteria and enzymes work quickly to remove the odor-creating pathogens from your holding tanks, replacing them with odorless aerobic bacteria, so your holding tanks stay odor free.

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RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner + Holding Tank Enhancer

Eliminating odors and stains starts in your toilet, and Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner is the perfect product for the job. Unique Toilet Bowl Cleaner’s blend of powerful cleaning ingredients cut through even the toughest stains, rings, and odors, leaving you with sparkling, odor-free toilets. Best of all, using RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean your toilets also helps keep your black water holding tank clear. RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner is infused with a bacterial blend that rivals bleach in its cleaning power, but unlike bleach RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner won’t destroy the bacterial activity inside your holding tank. In fact, RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner will enhance the bacterial activity, making your tank even stronger and more able to break down waste than ever before!

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Tank Cleaner

Unique Tank Cleaner breaks through clogs and backups by liquefying the solid waste inside your holding tank, leaving you with a clean, flowing black tank. Tank Cleaner is so effective at breaking through stubborn waste that it is trusted by RV service departments coast to coast as their go-to solution for treating pyramid plugs and clogged toilets.

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Unique Method Drop-In Pack

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Unique Method Liquid Pack

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Safety Information

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