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Dry Camper Pack + Free Shipping

Prevent Clogs + Eliminate Odors While Boondocking

If you're the type of camper who prefers wide open spaces and panoramic views to "luxury RV resorts", then this is the Camping Pack for you!

As a dry camper - or boondocker - you probably know intimately how difficult it can be to maintain clog and odor-free tanks.

Due to the nature of their camping style, dry campers haul their fresh water in and out with them. This type of camping is ideal for the adventurous types that simply can't stand the thought of seeing a tent or RV while camping.

Dry campers tend to be extra-frugal with their water use, so they can camp as long as possible, which is why they tend to deal with some of the worst tank issues, clogs, and odors. Unfortunately, ample water usage simply is a crucial component for most holding tanks when using standard toilet chemicals or holding tank treatments. 

Fortunately we have a simple and effect Camping Pack curated especially for you so you can dry camp in comfort and at an affordable price!

This pack is the perfect combo for the weekend warrior dry camper! It contains

  • 1 x RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods - 10 Count
  • 1 x Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods - 10 Count
  • 1 x Unique Tank Cleaner

Using this pack is SIMPLE!

  1. Before you head out on your boondocking adventure, pre-charge your black and gray tanks with 2-3 gallons of fresh water.
  2. Place one RV Digest-It Pod in your toilet and let dissolve completely. Then flush.
  3. Fill your kitchen sink with water and place one RV Digest-It Pod into the water and let dissolve completely. Drain your sink.
  4. You're ready to go camping!
  5. If odors become excessive while you are camping, add one Tank Odor Eliminator Pod to the tank that smells.
  6. After you are done with your dry camping trip, dump your tanks and flush them for 15-20 minutes to completely rinse out any excess waste inside your tanks.
  7. Treat your tanks with Unique Tank Cleaner every few trips, or before your put your RV into storage for the year.

Our Dry Camper Combo Gives You All The Tools You Need Boondocking and Off-Grid Camping

  1. Odor Elimination - Reduces Strong Toilet Odors
  2. Waste Digestion - Breaks Down Solid Waste Inside Your Holding Tank
  3. Works In ALL Temperatures - Including Excessively Hot Weather
  4. Liquefies Solid Waste So Tanks and Toilets Remain Clog Free
  5. Breaks Down Household Toilet Paper Of All Types and Brands
  6. Cleans and Maintains Sensor Probes
  7. Contains No Dangerous or Harsh Chemicals

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    Why settle with other products that only eliminate odors OR digest solid waste, when you can have the best of both worlds with Unique's Dry Camper Combo Pack.

    RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

    Most holding tank treatments are a one-trick pony. Either they remove odors or they breakdown solid waste - most won't do both. And, unfortunately, often they aren't very good at doing either of those things!

    RV Digest-It is hands-down, the best all-around waste digester AND odor reducer available anywhere.

    Everyday, thousands of RVers trust Unique RV Digest-It as the premier toilet treatment. No other brand can provide you with as much as RV Digest-It:

    • Breaks Down Solid Waste Inside Your Tank - Including All Brands Of Toilet Paper
    • Reduces Strong Toilet Odors
    • Contains No Dangerous Chemicals - Eco-Friendly | Non-Toxic
    • Very Light Fragrance - No Masking Of Toilet Smells
    • Transparency - Honest Ingredients
    • The Most Effective Blend Of Bacteria and Enzyme Strains
    • Made In Colorful Colorado

    With other tank treatments you get over-priced, underwhelming products that are full of strong fragrances. Often, the fragrance in the treatment is just as overwhelming as the toilet odor. You are exchanging toilet smells for over-powering perfume smells!

    You also have to buy expensive (and uncomfortable) RV toilet paper with other tank treatments. You spend more money for less comfort.

    With RV Digest-It you can camp with no toilet smells, no heavy perfume smells, and you don’t have to purchase expensive and uncomfortable RV toilet paper!

    It's easy to see why RV Digest-It is recognized as these best all-around treatment! 


    Tank Odor Eliminator

    Sometimes the strongest toilet odors require something with a little extra kick. Tank Odor Eliminator uses a proprietary blend of minerals to neutralize odors in all temperatures - including hot weather.

    At Unique, we have been treating odors and clogs for decades using the latest in probiotic cleaning technology (bacteria and enzymes) and 99% of the time our products are exactly what you need to effectively reduce tank odors and prevent tank clogs. But there are some limitations to what probiotics can do. Frankly when temperatures go up people begin to get increased odors and we wanted to help solve that problem, so we introduced Tank Odor Eliminator.

    Tank Odor Eliminator reduces odors using a formula that isn't reliant on bacteria and enzymes, so it's not subject to the same temperature restraints as other toilet treatments.

    Simply drop one in your black or gray tanks when odors start to get strong and in no time the odors will be eliminated! It's really as easy as that!


    Unique Tank Cleaner

    Unique Tank Cleaner is the strongest black and gray tank cleaner on the market! This product contains the highest quality bacteria and enzyme blend available and is guaranteed to outperform all other products at deep cleaning your black and gray tanks.

    Use this product to scrub the sidewalls of your black and gray tanks a few times each camping season, and certainly before putting your RV into storage for the Winter. The proprietary blend of probiotics and enzymes will break down any residual human waste (poop), toilet paper, food, grease, fats, or oils that have accumulated in your tank while camping and will help ensure your tanks are kept in proper operating condition.

    If you are unfortunate enough to get a clog or pyramid plug in your black water holding tank, Unique Tank Cleaner is hands-down, the strongest product available for unclogging tanks!


    Camp Hassle and Headache Free

    Treat your holding tanks with our Dry Camper Pack, along with proper black water care, and you will experience first-hand how nice it is to camp clog and odor free - and without any expensive or disgusting clean up or repairs!

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