Full Hookup Camper Pack



A Tank Treatment Pack Designed Specifically For Full Hookup Campers

Enjoy Odor-Free, Clog-Free Tanks With This Perfectly Packed Bundle

  • Contains the perfect assortment of products to treat your tanks on full hookups
  • Specially assembled to digest waste and eliminate odors
  • Treats black, gray, and galley tanks
  • Works in all climates and temperatures
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Formulated with trust - contains no hidden chemicals
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The Problem

RV camping on full hook-ups can come with its own unique set of problems, especially problems inside your holding tanks. If not treated properly, your holding tank can easily become a source of foul odors as well as extremely difficult clogs and backups. You need a solution that is going to keep your holding tanks odor-free and flowing so you can spend less time worrying about your holding tanks and more time enjoying your trip.

The Solution

The curated collection of powerful treatments in the Full Hookup Camper Pack contains everything you need to combat the tank problems that come with camping on hook-ups. The Full Hookup Camper Pack prevents excess waste from building up, reducing backups and eliminating odors.

Best of all, The Full Hookup Camper Pack also includes a helpful guide with crucial information that will help you understand why keeping your black tank valve open is always a bad idea, as well as many more key insights that will help you enjoy your RV without having to deal with holding tank headaches.

What's Included:

RV Digest-It

To keep your holding tanks operating at peak performance it’s crucial to use a product that will break down the waste that causes backups and odors in the first place. Unique RV Digest-It uses a powerful blend of bacteria and enzymes that go to work quickly, ensuring that your holding tanks remain clog and odor free.

The way it works is actually quite simple. Bacteria needs a food source to survive, and the waste in your holding tanks is the perfect food source for the bacteria. Once the bacteria encounters a food source (the solid waste n your holding tank), it becomes active and begins to eat. As the bacteria eat, they produce enzymes. These enzymes help to break the waste down into more easily digestible portions for the bacteria, allowing them to fully eat and digest the waste, leaving behind nothing but carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria in RV Digest-It is also specially formulated to force out the bad, odor-creating bacteria (anaerobic) and replace it with good bacteria (aerobic) so sewer odors are eliminated at their source without using any dangerous chemicals, masking agents, or strong fragrances.

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RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner uses an ultra-effective blend of cleaning agents and bacteria to get your plastic or porcelain toilet sparkling clean. Unlike bleach that kills off the beneficial bacteria inside your holding tank, RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner enhances the beneficial bacterial processes in your holding tank, further reducing black water holding tank odors. Finally, Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner also helps lubricate your toilet's seals as well.

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