Holding Tank Cleaner

Size: 1 Treatment Liquid (32. oz)

Unclogs Holding Tanks Faster And More Effectively

Breaks Through Pyramid Plugs And Digests Tank Clogs

  • Unclogs RV and boat black tanks
  • Works in 12 - 72 hours
  • The strongest, most effective tank cleaner on the market
  • Liquefies solid waste and toilet paper
  • Digests residual waste and sludge, no matter how old it is
  • Can be used to deep clean holding tanks for routine maintenance
  • Trusted by more RV and boat service professionals than any other brand
  • No driving necessary
  • One treatment per bottle
  • Highly effective bacteria + enzyme formula
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Formulated with trust - contains no hidden chemicals
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $30


The Problem

You have a serious problem - your toilet is backed up and unusable as the result of a pyramid plug, a compacted tank, or a clogged plumbing line. For those who have experienced this, they will attest that nothing ruins an RV trip like a clogged toilet! You need a simple solution that is going to quickly unclog your system and eliminate the headaches caused by the backup so you can get back on the road.

The Solution

Unique Tank Cleaner’s powerful blend of enzymes and bacteria is hands down the best choice for unclogging toilets, tanks, and sewage lines. Tank Cleaner’s formula is significantly stronger than any other product on the market and the only product actually capable of resolving the toughest problems, like pyramid plugs, compacted tanks, or line blockages. Simply put, you can try other products, but there is really only one effective solution - Unique Tank Cleaner.

Additionally, Tank Cleaner can be used as part of your routine maintenance to deep clean your black water holding tank.

The Science

The 3 types of holding tank clogs (pyramid plugs, compacted lines, or clogged plumbing lines) are caused by the same issue: organic material (poop, paper, etc.) that has gotten stuck somewhere in your wastewater system. This clog can exist somewhere inside your lines or in your holding tank itself. To solve this problem you need a very strong, highly effective waste digester to break up the compacted organic material, causing the clog to release. Tank Cleaner works by delivering powerful enzymes and bacteria into your plumbing that breaks up the clog and allows your system to flow freely again. From a scientific standpoint, a bacteria / enzyme blend really is the only effective way to break down the solid waste that causes these clogs in the first place. And you want the strongest, most effective bacteria / enzyme blend available to get the job done. You’ve found it with Tank Cleaner.

Unique Method Approved

Regularly deep cleaning your holding tanks is a critical part of maintaining problem-free holding tanks and a crucial part of The Unique Method. Unique Tank Cleaner is the strongest, most effective tank available today.

The Unique Method is a proven treatment process that will help you effectively prevent clogs, odors, and misreading sensor probes and ensure your holding tanks remain hassle-free.

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