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Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods


Unique Camping + Marine

The Leader In Hot Weather Odor Elimination

  • Convenient and Easy-To-Use Drop-In Pod
  • Works in Black and Gray Tanks
  • Eliminates Odors Without Masking or Strong Fragrances
  • Liquifies Solid Waste in Tanks
  • Quickly Eliminates Odors in Extreme Heat Climates
  • Great For Dry Campers and Low Water-Use Applications
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Won't Harden in Toilets or Pipes
  • Compatible With RV Digest-It For Maximum Odor Control and Waste Break Down

Finally, dry campers and sun-seekers can enjoy their RVs odor and clog free!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!



Vendor: Unique Camping + Marine

Eliminates Toilet Odors In High Heat

Tired of dealing with a smelly RV Toilet? Does it feel like you've tried EVERY method possible to keep your holding tanks odor-free but nothing seems to work? Dealing with tank odors is frustrating and it can be especially discouraging if it seems like an issue that can never be fixed! Ask 100 RVers how to deal with RV tank odors and you'll get 100 different answers. Cut out the middle man and deal with your stinky problem head on!

It's about time for you to get serious and completely eliminate those odors, Unique Tank Odor Eliminator contains fast-acting bacteria and minerals that work fast to eliminate odors and digest solid waste in the hottest temperatures. No overpowering fragrances! We can help you control odors in your RV, why would you have it any other way?

Tips for Success

Use An Ample Amount Of Water - By using plenty of water, the bacteria will be able to break down all of the waste in your tank, avoiding clogs and odors. If you dry camp, this means pre-charging your holding tank with 3-5 gallons of water. If you are on full hookups, this means flushing for 10 seconds after every use.

Pre-Fill Your Toilet Before Every Use - This will help avoid waste getting stuck in the plumbing between your holding tank and your RV Toilet. It also makes sure that you have enough fluids in your black tank.

Never Use Dangerous Caustic Chemicals In Your Holding Tank - Caustic chemicals like formaldehyde, bleach, and sulfuric acid kill the bacteria in our products. Stay away from products containing these chemicals to get the best results with Unique Tank Odor Eliminator! 

Eliminate strong toilet odors in all climates - including extreme heat!

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United States United States

Odor Pods

Sorry but it was horrible. The odor was worst using the pod. I have already called and am getting a refund. It may work for some but did not for me. I have used your other products and love them and I will continue to use them but not this one.

Unique Camping + Marine

Thanks for your input. We're sorry you were disappointed in the Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods. And since our products are guaranteed, we are happy to give you a refund. And of course we can always give you tips and tricks to get the best possible results from all of our products. If you ever find something isn't working like you expect, we're just an email or phone call away.

Marliene S.
United States United States

Tank Odor Eliminator

We used these for the first time while camping in temperatures over 90 degrees. We were very pleased with how they worked. We didn’t have any odor issues.

Unique Camping + Marine

Marliene, thanks for letting us know that the Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-Ins Pods worked well for you. It's great that even in the high heat, you didn't experience "those" odors. Stay safe out there!

Michael B.
United States United States

Tank odor eliminators

It works ok beats the perfume smells of the other ones on the market. Been using it for a month or so and it’s been around 100 degrees everyday could have a lot to do with it. We will continue to use it. We use all the other unique products and are very satisfied.

Unique Camping + Marine

Michael, thanks for your purchase & for your review. You're right that the heat is a huge factor in tank odors. Be sure to check out this blog post on our website that can help you get even better results during the summer months. https://uniquecampingmarine.com/blogs/news/controlling-rv-holding-tank-odors-in-high-heat?_pos=1&_sid=243be1da9&_ss=r We're glad to hear you're satisfied with Unique Camping+Marine products. If you do have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Amazon Customer


Wonderful for hot weather. Use always to prevent smells.

Amazon Customer

Must-Have item for a small RV

Staying in Florida in my RV for 6 weeks this unusually warm winter. The grey tank NEVER has had an odor. These are wonderful for eliminating the risk of tank odor smell in your sleeping quarters!

Amazon Customer

Tank Odor Eliminator

I use the digest-it from them as well, and it works great except in 100 degree weather, so I got this product and it is as advertised. Wonderful product and company.

Amazon Customer

Really Work

After trying a number of different products in our older Motorhome (which we keep clean and dump every time we are on a trip or at the end) but a smell always lingered especially if it is Hot or the Motorhome sat for a while. I have Tried all the traditional products you read about plus Vinegar with Baking Soda and a little Bleach but I always felt it wasn't enough. These Tablets Really Work!!! Order gone!!!Bought 2 more to make sure I have extra's on hand.

Amazon Customer


We purchased a new RV for dry camping at our lease. (Newbies to the RV world). We have electricity but no water access so we have barreled water to pump into RV. Therefore, we must conserve water usage. Which brings us to the nasty reality of black tanks. We use a portable dump tank which we empty each time we stay. We were using TST liquid but it was not eliminating odor. On our last trip, after dumping the black tank, we used RV Digest It pods for tank treatment and the pods for odor treatment. I have an overly sensitive nose so I was desperately trying to find a solution. I put 2 pods from each canister (2 pods of RV Digest It Tank Treatment and 2 pods of Odor Treatment. Approximately 10 hours later All the bad odor was gone when flushing toilet. It really was like a miracle! When we go back, I will post an update if anything changes. Being able to teach our children about nature, respecting wildlife and their natural habitat has been an absolute joy! The kids never ask about getting a TV for the RV or want to play games on the iPad. We explore, fish, look for animal tracks and pick berries. And now I can enjoy the great outdoors and not worry about returning to a stinky toilet!