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Copy of RV Digest-It Customer Support

Getting The Most Out Of RV Digest-It

Our customers consistently tell us that RV Digest-It is the most effective product they've ever used to safely and effectively digest waste and eliminate odors in their holding tanks.

Though RV Digest-It is very versatile, no product is a magic bullet, and without a proper understanding of how your RV's waste water systems work you won't get the most out of RV Digest-It.

On this page you will find tips and instructions to help you get the best results with RV Digest-It.

We can assure you that you will find great results if you follow the recommendations below. However, if you do run into any problems, don't worry! We will help you make the product work exactly as you expected or give you a full refund.


Cleaning Sensors and Unclogging Holding Tanks

RV Digest-It is designed to be used as a preventative treatment, to digest solid waste and reduce odors in your holding tanks so that your sensors continue working properly and your tank remains clog-free.

RV Digest-It isn't designed to restore malfunctioning sensors or unclog holding tanks.

+ If you need to restore your misreading holding tank sensors, try using Unique Sensor Cleaner before you replace malfunctioning sensors.

+ If you are struggling with a pyramid plug or a backed-up holding tank, use Unique Tank Cleaner to unclog your RV holding tank.


Need Help?

Feel free to email our support team (support@uniquemm.com) if you have any questions about RV Digest-It or our other products. We try to be very quick to respond, so you should hear back from us shortly!