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Girl Gone Glamping

Image of Lindsey, Standing next to her airstream, overlooking plains transitioning into foothills, into mountains.

Meet Lindsey

I’m Lindsey, originally from Buffalo, NY,  after spending many years in NYC and Chicago, I traded in my city lifestyle for life on the open road!

I’ve been traveling for 18 months out of my Airstream, with no plans of stopping.  I am absolutely in love with this journey!  I have met some of the most beautiful and amazing people, collected enough memories to last a lifetime, and found new passions, along the way.

I love being active and being outdoors, living out of an Airstream literally brings the great outdoors right to your doorstep! Inspired by the raw beauty of mother nature I’ve recently stated dabbling in photography.

I am running my company, a small logistics brokerage, 100% remotely from the road! Capitalizing fully on the freedom working for yourself holds. I keep east coast hours, and work hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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