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Guidelines For Proper Black Water Care


RV Digest-It Black Water Care Tips and Guidelines


Every black water holding tank is a little different, but there are a few things that every RV'er should know and do consistently regardless of your specific system. Doing these 8 things will dramatically decrease your chances of foul tank odors and backups in your RV black tank. That means you can travel in comfort without embarrassing odors and gross repairs.


Rule 1: Keep your valve closed

Leaving your RV black water tank valve open can result in your liquid waste draining into the sewer while the solid waste gets left behind to clog your tank. This is known as a pyramid plug and will lead to backups and odors. It may also lead to costly repairs.

Rule 2: Don't allow caustic chemicals or anti-bacterial products in your black water tank

Your holding tank remains clog and odor-free from naturally occurring bacteria that are present in your RV black tank when you use a product like RV Digest-It. Killing these beneficial bacteria will increase your chance of odors and backups.

Rule 3: Treat your RV black water holding tank after each dump

Treating your system with more beneficial bacteria after each dump will greatly lower your risk of odors and backups. We recommend using RV Digest-It.

Rule 4: Clean your toilets with an RV toilet cleaner

Cleaning your toilets with bleach or chemical toilet cleaners will kill the beneficial bacteria in your tank and increase your likelihood of backups and foul tank odors.

Rule 5: Watch your tank temperatures

The beneficial bacteria that keep your black water tank clog and odor-free are inhibited by extreme heat and cold. Regulating your tank temps will allow these bacteria to flourish.

Rule 6: Use plenty of water

We recommend holding down your flush peddle for 10 seconds each time you flush your toilet. Keeping ample water inside your RV's black water holding tank is absolutely necessary for a few reasons.

  1. Water hydrates the beneficial bacteria that help break down waste and eliminate odors
  2. Water keeps your toilet paper and poop under the water level so sewer gases and odors cannot waft up into your RV
  3. Water will help your waste flush down the lines and into your tank, so you don't get clogs in the pipes leading to your RV black water holding tank.

Rule 7: Keep water in your toilet bowl

As we mentioned above, water is a great odor barrier. By keeping several inches of water in your toilet bowl you will prevent sewer gases and odor from seeping into your RV.

Rule 8: Flush your tank often

Most sewer holding tanks are not mounted perfectly level, nor are most RVs parked completely level, so waste can build up in the nooks and crannies of your black water tank. Flushing regularly (at minimum every 3-5 dumps) and for extended periods (15 - 20 minutes) will help clean out waste that may have accumulated in those areas that don't flow out with gravity when you are dumping your tanks. It will also help knock off any residual waste that could be clinging to your black tank walls and sensor probes.