Treating Waste In Your RV Cassette Toilet and Composting Toilet

Portable cassette toilets and composting toilets are becoming increasingly more popular as higher numbers of people embrace the nomadic lifestyle. With more people exploring and traveling in their Vans, RVs, Trailers and DIY Bus's, these alternative toilets are becoming more widely used and are, for many, a convenient and easy alternative to full-sized holding tank systems that are commonly found in the larger RVs and Trailers.

That being said, cassette toilets and portable toilets alike come with their own set of complications, and it can often take some diligence on your part to keep the odor boogie-man at bay.

As with many topics, the internet has loads of opinions on how to properly treat your cassette toilets and composting toilets. Here, we have outlined the correct treatment processes you should employ to ensure your systems continue to work correctly and efficiently, so you can avoid mistakes and keep strong odors and thing of the past.

Cassette Toilets 

Because of their construction and water usage, cassette toilets are some of the most likely types of RV toilets to incur problems and therefore need some form of odor control and/or waste digester.

The real trick to controlling odors and waste in a cassette toilet is adding a small amount of treatment with every use. Many manufacturers of tank treatments will recommend adding their treatment to the fresh water tank when you refill them, but our experience helping people with their cassette toilets has proven that adding a small amount of treatment to the bowl with each use will better reduce odors and ensure waste is digested properly.

Cassette toilets are very compact and have very small ventilation systems and waste storage tanks. Because of this, it takes a little more up-keep to control strong smells and solid waste. Odors will build-up inside the waste storage tank over time, very quickly, without consistent treatment.

We recommend using RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment Powder to handle daily odors and waste build-up.

Instructions: Each time you use your toilet, sprinkle roughly 1/8th of a scoop (about 1/4 of an ounce) of RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment Powder into the bowl before flushing. If you are using RV Digest-It Liquid Formula, we recommend using 1/4 of an ounce with each flush due to the differences in bacteria concentration.

Cassette toilets can become very stinky if not treated right and it takes due-diligence to control the strong odors.

Composting Toilets

We are often asked if you can use our products in composting toilets. Rest assured, Unique products work fine in these systems. The aerobic bacteria in our products, paired with the aerobic bacteria present during the composting process, work very well together to prevent odors and keep waste break down going. A bacteria product is most certainly not always needed (as a composting toilet should do most of the work on its own) but if you are dealing with odors or cold temperatures for an extended time, you may need a little extra kick to keep the composting process going. 

When it comes to temperature issues, the naturally-occurring aerobic bacteria in the toilet will begin to slow down biodegradation processes once temps drop below 50° F. If the temperature remains low for extended periods of time the bacteria may die off, leaving you with the very smells you installed a composting toilet to avoid! This is where having a strong bacterial blend that survives at lower temperatures can really come in and help! You can use your toilet and still add an aerobic bacteria kick to keep things going as things cool off and control odors when your composting toilet's normal odor control can have issues.

Instructions: As needed, add RV Digest-It Liquid formula to your composting toilet to help reduce odors.

Final Thoughts

Although RV Digest-It was designed for use in standard RV holding tanks, there are many applications in alternative RV toilets that we can help with! 

Please contact us if you have any questions here. We are always very happy to help!

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