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Successfully Maintaining Your Tank Sensors


Black Tank Sensors

To keep your sensors operating correctly it’s important that you follow these steps on a regular basis:

1. Keep your black tank valve closed except for when dumping

2. Use a waste digesting holding tank treatment. Many of the products that are available are only designed to mask or remove odors and do nothing for waste digestion. Make sure you use a product like RV Digest-It that does both – digests waste (to keep your sensors clean) and eliminates odors without masking.

3. Use a strong aerobic bacterial cleaner like RV Digest-It. The bacteria inside RV Digest-It are specially formulated to force out the naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria (that come from your stomach) with the beneficial aerobic bacteria that keep struvite buildup at bay. If struvite (a hard, mineral-like coating) is allowed to form inside your tank it will cause your sensors to misread and malfunction as well as lead to backups.

4. Drive your unit regularly. Driving your unit with water and RV Digest-It inside the tank helps to swish around the tanks and clean off your level gauge probes.

5. Use a Sensor Cleaner regularly as preventative maintenance. RV Digest-It is a great sensor maintainer but it’s important to use a product designed specifically to clean sensors on a regular basis.

6. Flush your tanks often and for 15 – 20 minutes. Flushing your tanks is a very important step in deep cleaning your tanks and should be performed regularly – we suggest weekly when camping full time.

Gray Tank Sensors

Grease and other debris can wreak havoc on gray tank sensors and cause them to constantly read full. If you are camping with full hook ups we recommend keeping your valve open (Important! It’s crucial that you make a 'trap' in your sewer hose to keep dangerous and disgusting sewer gasses from backing up into your RV - see above.) so liquids don’t sit unnecessarily in your tanks and allow grease to build up on the sensors.

Preventing sensor issues in your gray tank varies depending on whether you are camping with full hook ups or if you are dry camping.

Camping With Full Hook Ups

Follow the instructions for treating your gray tanks with RV Digest-It Liquid, Powder, or Drop-In Pod here.

Dry Camping Without Full Hook Ups

Follow the instructions for treating your gray tanks with RV Digest-It Liquid, Powder, or Drop-In Pod here.