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The Unique Method, You've been treating your holding tanks wrong. Unique Camping + Marine
The Unique Method, You've been treating your holding tanks wrong. Unique Camping + Marine


You can enjoy your RV without these common problems?

Not only is it possible… it’s actually pretty simple!

We've Heard It A Thousand Times

You bought an RV so you could enjoy time away with friends and family. As a way to enjoy the outdoors. Or, an opportunity to hit the open road and explore.

Elder couple hugging infront of RV on the coast. Unique Camping + Marine

What you didn’t expect was that you’d spend your precious vacation time hassling with disgusting toilet odors, clogged holding tanks, and misreading sensor probes!

You can avoid clogged holding tanks and misreading sensor probes with the right process and products.

They didn’t really tell you about all of that when you signed on the dotted line at the dealership!

Like most RVers, you probably realized on your VERY FIRST trip how little you knew about holding tanks, so you started asking around for advice - Googling it, asking other RV owners for advice, talking to your local RV parts dealer for help…

But, like far too many RVers, you’re STILL struggling with holding tank odors, waste buildup inside your tanks, and malfunctioning sensors.

We know, it’s incredibly frustrating, costly, and downright disgusting!

Dealing with frequent RV problems is incredibly frustrating. Unique Camping + Marine

Before you hang up your keys for good, rest easy knowing that
and it’s actually really simple and straightforward.

There is a solution. Read on. ABC blocks.

Before we help you get your holding tanks back on track, there is ONE very important thing you need to understand.

Proper holding tank care isn’t just about dumping a “miracle” product down your holding tank and walking away…

Proper Tank Care Is a 50/50 Process

To achieve holding tank bliss you need to change your approach to tank maintenance and realize that
proper tank care is 50% the right tank maintenance PROCESS and 50% the right holding tank PRODUCT.

Sure, you need a good holding tank treatment (we’ll help you with that), but it’s also crucial that you understand how your wastewater systems work, so you can follow the right procedures to make them work correctly.

We understand your RV problems. Follow these practices for easy solutions. Unique Camping + Marine.

There are several tank maintenance programs people follow, like The Geo Method, that have been touted for YEARS as the solution to your RV toilet troubles.

Unfortunately, these processes are also flawed and leave the majority of RV owners frustrated because they require hard-to-find products, expensive water softeners, annoying tactics, like driving around with ice in your tanks, and STILL they are left with waste buildup and odors.

Dump these tired old processes! THEY DON’T WORK!

There is only one process that really gets the job done completely:

The Unique Method, Our proven process for your RV holding tanks. Unique Camping + Marine

The Unique Method

We developed The Unique Method after helping thousands of RVers who contacted us, at their wits end,
convinced that they were going to have to struggle with odors and tank problems forever.

Trust us, we’ve heard it all and we’ve helped campers of all types solve their toughest wastewater problems!

After decades of hand-on assistance we brought it all together to create The Unique Method,
the most effective and comprehensive holding tank treatment method ever.

Are you ready to learn the easy-to-follow steps that will help you eliminate your toughest odors,
pyramid plugs, and misreading sensors for good?

Your answer should be a resounding YES!

We understand your RV problems. Follow these practices for easy solutions. Unique Camping + Marine.

Start using The Unique Method and get back to enjoying your RV instead of hassling with your toilets!

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