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Unique RV Digest-It Powder

Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment Powder
Digests Solid Waste In Low-Water Applications (Like Dry Camping)

Unique RV Digest-It is the premier holding tank treatment for campers who want to ensure their holding tank remains clog and odor free.

This powder formula is freeze resistant, works in hot climates, and outperforms other treatments in low water-use applications like dry camping (boondocking). 

If you are looking for the top performing waste digester and odor reducer, you've found it!

Our safe, eco-friendly formula means no harsh chemicals, no scary additives, no residue and no possibility of harm to your family or pets.

+ Liquefies Solid Waste Inside Holding Tanks
+ Reduces Toilet Odors
+ Works in Black and Gray Tanks
+ Fragrance Free, Powder Formula
+ Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly
+ Made In The USA
+ Safe For Your Family, Septic Systems, and The Environment

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Unique RV Digest It Powder Holding Tank Treatment - Digests solid waste inside black and gray tanks and reduces odors. Works in low water-use applications like dry-camping (boondocking) to effectively break down waste. Works in all climates.