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Unique Sensor Cleaner

Unique Sensor Cleaner Product Picture
Cleans and Restores RV Black Tank Sensors

Are your sensors reading full? Don’t panic – you are not alone! It’s very common to have holding tank gauges that read full all the time. The harsh reality is, replacing your sensors may be in your future (we know, we hate bad news too). But for many RVers out there with troublesome sensors, we have great news - a good cleaning might be all you need to get your black tank sensors back in order!

Unique Sensor Cleaner contains the strongest blend of microbial cleaners available (really, we do!) that go to work immediately to breakdown and remove toilet paper, grease, soap, human waste, and minerals that have become attached to your sensors and are causing them to misread. Why spend a fortune replacing your sensors when you can try cleaning them first for less than $10?

Though cleaning won’t fix everyone’s sensor issues, it is highly effective in restoring holding tank sensors much of the time. So, before you replace those sensors, try cleaning them. It may be all you need to get you back on the road with working sensors!

And if it doesn’t work for you, we have a Satisfaction Guarantee that means we’ll refund your money. So, really, you have nothing to lose!

Help Me Clean My Sensors



Common Sensor Complaints

My sensors have always read wrong so I just leave my tank open to ensure its empty. I'm afraid a product like this would do nothing to help.
Having functioning sensors is incredibly convenient. If they are broken there is simply nothing you can do but replace them. However, if you problem stems from dirty sensor probes (the majority of RVers will have this problem, by the way!), cleaning them with a strong bacteria / enzyme cleaner like Unique Sensor Cleaner may be all it takes to restore your sensors and get them working correctly again. If you struggle with sensor issues regularly, cleaning and restoring them is certainly worth a try!

Also Note: The best defense with sensors is a good offense - so using a quality waste digesting tank treatment, flushing your tanks regularly with ample water, and dumping regularly will help prevent sensor issue in the future.

Without being a harsher chemical, how can this product remove paper and fibers that are stuck on my sensor probes?
Just because a chemical is harsh doesn't mean that it does a better job at dealing with waste. Formaldehyde has been a common chemical in the RV Industry that is used as a preservative everywhere in the world. How does a preservative even begin to break down waste? Sensor cleaner will break down all types of toilet paper that builds up on your sensors while keeping your RV experience safe and enjoyable.

How can I trust that Unique Sensor Cleaner will solve my sensor problems and it isn't just broken sensors that are causing my sensors to misread?
Sensor problems are one of many things that go wrong with your holding tanks and, as we mentioned before, being proactive is by far the best way to avoid this issue. Rather than always counting on expensive tank cleanings or simply believing your sensors will never work again, wouldn't you rather at least try and see if you can fix it yourself for a low price? We can't promise this product will work every time, but we regularly hear from customers who are blown away by the success they've had with Unique Sensor Cleaner after every other product and solution let them down.

Help me clean my sensors

Important: Please note, malfunctioning sensors can be a VERY difficult problem to tackle in certain rigs and unfortunately, in many instances, nothing can restore them - including high pressure cleaning or dangerous, caustic chemicals. Many sensors are simply beyond repair or restoration.

You might ask, "So, if there is some chance that Unique Sensor Cleaner won't work, why do you sell it?" Good and honest question! We know what a frustration it is to have sensors that don't read accurately and we know that many people are willing to try anything to get them restored - even if there isn't a 100% success rate - so we developed Unique Sensor Cleaner. Will it work every time? Unfortunately, no, because some sensor probes are simply broken or beyond repair. But rest assured that Unique Sensor Cleaner is the strongest cleaner available to clean your sensors - so if they CAN BE cleaned, Sensor Cleaner will be the product that gets the job done.

We hope you have fantastic results in restoring your sensors, but again, please understand that our cleaner will only be effective for those users whose probes can be cleaned and aren't broken. Unfortunately, that is the simple truth. Is it worth giving it a try? We believe so, but you may disagree, hence our desire to be transparent and honest. If your sensors aren't restored after properly treating them with Unique Sensor Cleaner, there is a very good chance they are broken and NOTHING will be able to restore them. You will either need to replace them or learn to live with misreading sensors.