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Unclogs Pyramid Plugs and Clogs In Your Black Water Holding Tank and Toilet

  • Liquefies Solid Waste Clogging Your Black Tank
  • Breaks Through Pyramid Plugs and Toilet Paper
  • Digests Waste No Matter How Old It Is
  • Works in RV and Boat Holding Tanks
  • No Driving Necessary
  • One Treatment Per Bottle
  • Unclogs Tanks Quickly - Overnight In Most Cases
  • Formaldehyde Free | Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Safe For Your Family and The Environment
  • Made In The USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Never Stress About Holding Tank Clogs Again

Traveling in an RV provides a feeling of freedom that nothing else can. But sometimes issues like a clogged holding tank can ruin that free-wheeling feeling. You need something that is going to unclog your tank quickly, and safely. Unique Tank Cleaner is hands down the strongest, most effective way to break through waste that is clogging your RV toilet or holding tank - guaranteed!

Unique Tank Cleaner goes to work quickly (overnight in most cases) to break down and liquefy the solid waste that is clogging in your black water tank. Many other products claim to clean and unclog holding tanks, but our research and consumer feedback have shown that these other treatments are ineffective in unclogging tanks and many of them actually end up doing more damage by adding scale and mineral deposits to the tank that can cause sensor probe malfunctions.

Unique Tank Cleaner is by far the most effective tank cleaner on the market today and is trusted by RV service departments from coast to coast as their go-to solution for unclogging customer’s holding tanks when they bring them in for service on a pyramid plug or plugged toilet.

Unique Tank Cleaner is fragrance free, formaldehyde free, non-toxic, and proudly made here in the USA. Best of all, Unique RV Holding Tank Cleaner is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

What Customers Are Saying About Tank Cleaner

I got this because I bought a used (very used!) RV where the previous owners had totally neglected the tank. I used the product and flushed my tank. At first it seemed like only small bits were coming out, which made me nervous. After running my tank flush for a few minutes though a huge amount of waste came out! I couldn't be happier. Great product!!


This product is the best I have used! I won't use anything else. Love it.

Theresa K.

This product is wonderful, I cleaned the tank thoroughly before putting the RV in storage for the winter.

Paul H.

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