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Unique Holding Tank Cleaner

Unclog Your RV Holding Tank Hassle Free

Many RVers are surprised at how common RV holding tank clogs are. Even more common than a clogged holding tank is build-up and poo-residue throughout the season. The go-to solution is often to just wand your tank and to get your hands dirty, or by using a service technician to do it for you; charging you hundreds of dollars. The results can be inconsistent and expensive.

Throw out your wand and see why RVers nationwide have switched to Unique Holding Tank Cleaner to deep clean their RV black tanks. Unique Holding Tank Cleaner uses the strongest bacterial cleaners available to break down clogs and solid waste build-up in your RV black tank. Simply put, Unique Holding Tank Cleaner is stronger, more effective and higher quality than ALL of our competitors. We want to get you back on the road as fast as possible doing the things you love. The best part is that it often works overnight! Why spend more time on your holding tanks than you need to?

Don't waste time, effort and money when we can do your dirty work!

With Unique Holding Tank Cleaner you can restore your tanks without expense or messy wanding.

  • Works Overnight In Most Cases
  • Liquifies Solid Waste Clogging Your Black Tank
  • Affordable and Effective Formula
  • One Treatment Per Bottle
  • No Driving Necessary
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly
  • Safe For Your Family, Septic Systems, and The Environment
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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How Did My RV Toilet Get Clogged?

For the majority of RVers, most clogs come from a number of common issues that are EASILY avoidable. By treating your holding tanks with RV Digest-It and by following our Guidelines For Proper Black Water Care you can prevent 99% of all holding tank issues! Here are a few things that can cause serious issues:

• A leaky black tank valve
• A black tank valve that has been left open
• A used RV that wasn't maintained correctly
• Not using enough water when flushing your RV toilet
• Using Holding Tank Treatments that don't break down waste
• Storing an RV for an extended time with full holding tanks
• Excessive toilet paper use


Each of these issues can easily lead to a backed up tank or a nasty thing known as a "pyramid plug". 

Often, people make the mistake of thinking that when their black tank is clogged, it is also completely full, which may be the case. However, holding tanks are almost aways flat on the bottom and as you use your RV toilet, waste build up can create a "pyramid of poop" if tank liquids are allowed to drain out from a valve that has been left open. This is probably the most common reason why a tank will get clogged, and is easily avoidable if you follow Rule #1: KEEP YOUR BLACK TANK CLOSED

Keeping your valve closed is incredibly important, hence why it's Rule #1. 90% of all clogs can be avoided by keeping your black tank closed.

Because proper black tank care requires keeping your valve closed, your physical and liquid waste will remain in solution inside the tank, which is also why it is very important to use a high-quality waste digester. Without using a quality RV tank treatment and digester, it is more likely you will suffer from constant clogs and build-up. Many popular RV toilet chemicals are designed to encapsulate and preserve your solid waste in an attempt to control odors. 

You can clearly see how easy it is to get a clog when using the wrong RV toilet chemical.

NOTE: If your tank is so full that you can not add any water to the tank you can skip adding water to the tank, but please note that for Unique Tank Cleaner to work it needs liquid to nourish the active cultures that digest the waste. So, getting as much water in the tank as you can is incredibly beneficial.

ALSO NOTE: Sometimes a clogged holding tank may need extended time to unclog your compacted tank or additional treatments. Allow ample time for Unique Holding Tank Cleaner to work and clear your clogged lines.

If you are having problems or have questions please email us and we will be happy to help you get your holding tank back on track.