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Unique Tank Odor Eliminator

Hot Weather Odor Eliminator High Extreme Heat RV Toilet Odor RemoverUnique Tank Odor Eliminator Drop In Pods Eliminate RV Toilet Odors In
Tired of living with strong toilet odors from your RV holding tank?

With Unique Tank Odor Eliminator you can effectively eliminate strong odors - without masking - in all climates!

  • Quickly Eliminates Odors In All Climates - Including Extreme Heat 
  • Encapsulates and Removes Odors Without Masking
  • Safe and Convenient Drop-In Treatment Pod
  • Eliminates Odors In Black and Gray Tanks
  • Great For Dry Campers and Low Water-Use Applications
  • Won't Harden In Toilets or Pipes
  • Helps Digest Solid Waste In RV Holding Tanks
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Tired of dealing with a smelly RV Toilet?

Does it feel like you've tried every method possible to keep your holding tanks odor-free but nothing seems to work? Dealing with tank odors is frustrating and it can be especially discouraging if it seems like an issue that can never be fixed! Ask 100 RVers how to deal with RV tank odors and you'll get 100 different answers. Cut out the middle man and deal with your stinky problem head on!

It's about time for you to get serious and completely eliminate those odors, Unique Tank Odor Eliminator contains fast-acting bacteria and minerals that eliminate odors and digest solid waste in the hottest temperatures. No overpowering fragrances! We can help you control odors in your RV, why would you have it any other way?

    Eliminating Holding Tank Odors

    Sometimes the strongest toilet odors require something with a little extra kick. Tank Odor Eliminator uses a proprietary blend of minerals and bacteria to neutralize odors in all temperatures - including hot weather.

    At Unique, we have been treating odors and clogs for decades using the latest in probiotic cleaning technology (bacteria and enzymes) and 99% of the time our products are exactly what you need to effectively reduce tank odors and prevent tank clogs. But there are some limitations to what probiotics can do. Frankly when temperatures go up people begin to get increased odors and we wanted to help solve that problem, so we introduced Tank Odor Eliminator.

    Tank Odor Eliminator reduces odors using a formula that isn't reliant on bacteria and enzymes, so it's not subject to the same temperature restraints as other toilet treatments.



    Tips for Success 
    • Use An Ample Amount Of Water - By using plenty of water, the bacteria will be able to break down all of the waste in your tank, avoiding clogs and odors. If you dry camp, this means pre-charging your holding tank with 3-5 gallons of water. If you are on full hookups, this means flushing for 10 seconds after every use.
    • Pre-Fill Your Toilet Before Every Use - This will help avoid waste getting stuck in the plumbing between your holding tank and your RV Toilet. It also makes sure that you have enough fluids in your black tank.
    • Never Use Dangerous Caustic Chemicals In Your Holding Tank - Caustic chemicals like formaldehyde, bleach, and sulfuric acid kill the bacteria in our products. Stay away from products containing these chemicals to get the best results with Unique Tank Odor Eliminator! 




    You might ask, "Why not use Tank Odor Eliminator all the time if it's so easy and effective?". Well, here's the honest truth - Tank Odor Eliminator uses ingredients that are less-safe for people, animals, and the environment than our traditional probiotic-based treatments, like RV Digest-It. That means that, though it is VERY good at eliminating odors, it should be used with some slight caution. We recommend that you avoid getting the powder on your skin, in your eyes, or inhaling it - which is why we package it in a safe drop-in pod an not in a scoop-able powder.

    Now, understand, this product isn't VERY dangerous. It just comes with some precautions - like the majority of cleaning products do. We just know that our customers have come to expect Unique to be a leader in safe, natural products and we want to be very transparent with you about this product. So, use it without fear! It's packaged in a way that makes it 100% good to go! But, also know that if you are a safety-conscious, eco-crusader, you shouldn't be using this product as your regular treatment. RV Digest-It is the perfect treatment for you!

    One last thing... it's important to understand that not all companies believe in transparency like we do and unfortunately, there are numerous manufacturers who make unfounded claims of having safe, "organic" holding tank treatments. These offenders are often using a technique called "green-washing" where they intentionally (or unintentionally) downplay the dangerous aspects of their products to trick the consumer into believing that their products are safer than they actually are. We aren't saying that ALL manufacturers do this. We just suggest you look deeper into claims of "organic", "natural", and "safe". Are they disclosing what's in these products? Is there an organization that is validating their claims of being organic? Do their SDS sheets have warnings on them?

    At Unique, we believe in transparency and seek to provide you with the most effective safe products and honest reporting in the event that one of our products isn't 100% safe.

    PS: At Unique you can request an SDS at any time and you probably won't be surprised to learn that nearly EVERY product we make does not have any hazard warnings on them!