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Thank you for choosing Marine Digest-It!

Our customers consistently tell us that this is the most effective product they've ever used for safely and effectively digesting waste and eliminating odors in their boats, but there are a few things you have to do to make sure it works optimally.

We can assure you that you will find great results if you follow the recommendations below.

However, if you do run into any problems, DON’T WORRY! We have your back! We will either help you make the product work exactly as you expected or give you a full refund.

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Sensor Cleaning and Unclogging Holding Tanks

Marine Digest-It is designed to be a preventative care product to ensure solid waste gets properly digested and odors are reduced. If you are trying to solve an existing problem, like malfunctioning sensors or a clogged holding tank, Marine Digest-It isn't the proper product to solve these issues. You will need to use Unique Sensor Cleaner and Unique Tank Cleaner to help solve these problems.

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Using Marine Digest-It

Whether you're a first time user of Marine Digest-It or a long-time veteran, this page contains loads of helpful information to help you properly care for your boat's waste water systems.

  1. Instructions - Treating Your Black Tank
  2. Instructions - Treating Your Gray Tank
  3. Additional Tips
  4. Eliminating Extra-Strong Odors
  5. Unclogging A Holding Tank
  6. Cleaning Sanitation Hoses
  7. Cleaning Holding Tank Sensors
  8. Cleaning Your Bilge
    Treating Your Black Tank

    When you treat your holding tank with Marine Digest-It you are getting the best of both worlds: Waste Digestion (liquefying the solid waste in your tank) and Odor Elimination. To effectively treat your black tank system, follow these steps:

    1. Pump Out Your Black Tank

    2. Shake Marine Digest-It Bottle Well

    3. Pour Half of the Treatment (1 oz. per 5 gallon tank capacity) Directly Into Your Holding Tank Through The Waste Fitting. Pour The Other Half Through The Toilet and Flush Thoroughly.

    4. Repeat After Each Pump Out


    Treating Your Gray Tanks

    Everyone has differing ideas on how to properly treat your gray water holding tanks. The method you ultimately choose is your decision and it should be based on how often you dump. Here are our recommendations when using Marine Digest-It for your gray tanks and sump tanks.

    Your goal should be to never allow solids down your sink or showers.

    Even if you allow only liquids into your gray tank you will still accumulate grease, soap, and residue buildup in the tank that can eventually lead to foul tank odors and cause sensors to misread, so it’s important you follow these steps to make sure your tanks remain operating properly and that you don’t get odors in your boat.

    1. Pump Out Your Gray Tank

    2. Shake Bottle Well

    3. Pour Marine Digest-It Down Sink or Shower Drain (1 oz. per 5 gallon tank capacity)

    4. Repeat After Each Pump Out



    A Note On Gray Tanks

    Important: Make sure NO solids get into your gray tank. The waste going down your drain should only be liquid waste so solid waste doesn’t accumulate in your gray tanks leading to clogs and misreading sensors. If you don’t already use one, a good sink strainer is crucial to ensuring that only liquids go down your drains.


    Additional Tips

    Give Marine Digest-It plenty of water. Bacteria needs water to live just like us and by using an ample amount of water inside your holding tank, you will allow for the bacteria to break down any residue and solid waste deposits inside your holding tank. Proper water usage ensures that your boats black and gray tanks stay free of residue and build-up.


    Eliminating Extra Strong Odors

    One thing to always keep in mind, waste permeates. As poop and sludge sit inside your holding tank, hoses, and sanitation lines, smells will eventually leech out into your bathroom and cabin. Much of the issue has to do with where the smell is localized. Are odors particularly strong around the holding tank? Are smells coming primarily from the head? Hose lines? Do odors take over the whole cabin? 

    Each one of these problems can have a different technical solution to fix by hand, but at the end of the day you will probably need to get your hands dirty to solve the problem. 

    If smells are coming from your head, there could be an issue with your joker valve. If your joker valve is busted and cracking, you will definitely start to get foul odors from your toilet. Hose permeation is also a common problem and you will either need to clean or replace your hoses if smells are strong.

    Treating with Marine Digest-It will help prevent many odor issues and residual waste build up, but cannot help with all mechanical issues.  

    Unclogging A Holding Tank

    If you are experiencing clogs or back ups in your holding tanks you can open those tanks without paying a service tech to manually clean them out.

    1. Pour 32 ounces of the Unique Holding Tank Cleaner per 40 gallons of tank capacity into your tank.
    2. Flush/pump several gallons of water down your toilet (preferably warm water)
    3. Let sit for 12 - 24 hours (More time may be needed)
    4. Dump your tank


    Cleaning Sanitation Hoses

    If smells are coming from your hoses, it may require replacement/treatment of your lines and hoses. Here is what you'll need to do: 

    1. Pour 4 oz. Marine Digest-It into 5 gallons of fresh water
    2. Slowly pump all 5 gallons through head
    3. Let sit inside lines for 24 - 48 hrs 
    4. Pump out holding tank(s)

    Cleaning Holding Tank Sensors
    1. Fill your holding tank with water
    2. Add half (16 oz.) the bottle of Marine Digest-It to holding tank through waste deck fitting
    3. Let sit for 24 hours 
    4. Pump-out holding tank

    Cleaning Your Bilge

    Marine Digest-It will digest and eliminate oils, greases, and odors that are often present in bilges.

    To use: Mix 1 cup of the Marine Digest-It with 1 gallon of warm water in a pump up sprayer. Then spray the premixed solution evenly on the bilge. Re-apply every 4 hours until empty and wipe down residual


    Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we are always very happy to help any way we can! Contact customer support or Call 800-476-1608


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