Why Do Unique Products Work Better?


We are often asked why Unique Camping + Marine products work better than any other RV and Marine products on the market for eliminating odors and liquefying waste. We're about to spill the beans...


The Best Technology

There are several major types of waste water treatment products - chemical, formaldehyde, enzymatic, mineral, salt, and bacteria. When you compare them fairly, bacteria is far and away the best solution for both breaking down solid waste and eliminating tank odors. Hence, we have chosen only to work with bacteria solutions.

If you'd like more information on the different types of holding tank treatments and how they work, you can read more here or view a comparison chart here.

The Highest Quality Bacteria

Now that you understand that bacteria are the clear choice as the best all-around holding tank treatment it's important to understand that not all bacteria are created equal.

Simply put, some bacteria are better workers and stronger digesters than others. The best-of-the-best multiply quickly, work specifically to break down the waste they were specifically designed to, and push out the bad, odor-causing bacteria.

Each of our products contains the highest quality bacteria.

You may ask, why wouldn't every product on the market contain high quality bacteria like Unique Camping + Marine's do? One word: cost. Packing our products full of the best bacteria is expensive and, frankly, most companies won't spend as much as Unique does to make sure it's products are the strongest and most effective they can be. They literally water them down to eek out more profits.

Not us! We know that the better the bacteria the more enjoyable traveling in your RV or Boat is and that's not something we're going to compromise on.

The Best Performing Strains

Specific bacteria do specific jobs. Our proprietary formulas contain some of the most specific and most diverse strains of colony-forming probiotic bacteria available.

Many of the products you'll find on your local RV Dealers shelves contain low quality, low count, generic bacteria that aren't specifically formulated to work in RV and Boat waste water systems.

Without these specific bacteria strains you will experience more back ups and more odors.

Don't assume that just because a product is bacteria-based that it will work! 

Unique's products have been around for over two decades and have been continuously improved upon by our team of scientists and product developers to make sure you have the best product money can buy.

More Specifically Formulated Enzymes

Bacteria exist to eat. Our bacteria are specifically designed to eat waste in your holding tanks and to force out the odor causing bad bacteria (anaerobic) that create hydrogen sulfide gas - the foul smelling, methane gas coming from your holding tanks. Unfortunately, most of the waste that the bacteria intend to eat and digest are simply too large for them to eat, so they create and shed enzymes to help out.

Enzymes are proteins that break larger particles down into smaller particles. They are non-living and each bacteria - of the billions of bacteria in each treatment of Unique's products - create and spread enzymes. Enzymes are the first step to breaking down waste so the bacteria can come behind them and eat the waste and truly digest it - leaving nothing behind but carbon dioxide and water.

If you don't have the right bacteria making the right enzymes to break down the specific waste in your holding tanks, you're going to get clogs and backups.

Our bacteria are specifically formulated to create exactly the right enzymes needed to effectively break down grease, paper, human waste, and suspended solids in your Gray and Black tanks so that the bacteria can fully digest and liquefy them.

Higher Counts Of Colony Forming Bacteria

The more bacteria you have the faster and more effective they are at eliminating waste and odors in your holding tanks.

Our products contain the highest active bacteria counts currently available so you can know with certainty that each time you treat your tanks you are putting the strongest, most effective treatments down your lines.

Sadly, many of the major brands of holding tank treatments contain very small counts of cheap and ineffective bacteria that leave your tanks full of odors and eventually lead to backups and clogs. If you are using these products you are quite literally throwing money down the toilet!



Unique Camping + Marine's 5 Key Components are the magic sauce that make our products the best available for your RV or Boat.

  • The Best Technology
  • The Highest Quality Bacteria
  • The Best Performing Strains
  • The Most Specifically Formulated Enzymes
  • The Highest Counts Of Colony Bacteria

When you add all of these components together you get the finest made, most effective, RV and Boat waste water treatments ever made. We guarantee it!

So, now you know the secret behind why Unique Camping + Marine's products are hands-down the best on the market. And to top it all off, they're also some of the least expensive!

Now, get out there, have some fun, and leave the toilet problems to us!