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Caravan™ Holding Tank Treatment

Unique Camping + Marine

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Digest Waste and maintain working sensors

Made using the most advanced bacteria and enzyme blend available

  • Ultra convenient: no mixing or rinsing needed
  • Super effective: no odors, plugs, or undigested waste
  • Easily maintains working sensors
  • Totally natural, safe, and eco-friendly
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Made In The USA

Adventure calls to us all.

Adventure calls to all of us in different ways. Maybe it’s the wind whistling past your ears on the downslope of that particularly technical mountain bike trail. Or maybe adventure speaks to you in the adrenaline rush of crossing that Obstacle Course Race finish line. Or maybe it’s just kicking back in your camper after a long day of hiking. No matter where you find yourself, we at Caravan want to make sure that your inner sense of adventure is never discouraged, which is why we developed Caravan Holding Tank Treatment.

Caravan Holding Tank Treatment does all the tough work of liquifying waste and removing odors in your black and gray tanks, so you don’t have to. Caravan Holding Tank Treatment works by infusing your tanks with a new and different blend of premium, industrial strength microbes and enzymes that actually digest the waste and remove odors at the same time. No need for manual mixing or time-consuming rinsing. Caravan Holding Tank treatment will maintain working sensors and prevent clogs, which just means more time for you to hit the outdoors.

We're Not Messing Around

We're Not Messing Around

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Treatments For All Campers

Treatments For All Campers

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Born and raised in the USA

Born And Raised In The USA

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We've Got You Covered

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Product Details

Ingredient CAS Purpose
Water 7732-18-5
Bacillus Bacterial/Enzyme Blend #101 Withheld Break Down Organic Waste
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 Preserves Enzymes
Glycerine 56-81-5 Preserves Enzymes
Readily Biodegradable Surfactant Withheld Holds Formula in Solution, Cleans
Neutroleum Fragrance HQ365 By Intarome Mixture Pleasant Fragrance

Universal Product Identifiers

Caravan Holding Tank Treatment 16 Treatment 32 oz.

UPC 736683100019
Size 32 oz.

Caravan Holding Tank Treatment 64 Treatment 128 oz.

UPC 736683100033
Size 128 oz.