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    • Go Where The Road Doesn't With RV Dry Camper Pack

      Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

      • The Perfect Pack For Dry Campers
      • Designed For Low Water Users & High Temperature Campers
      • Specially Assembled to Digest Waste and Eliminate Odors
      • Convenient Application Method
      • Provides Whole-Tank Care
      • Effective In All Climates
      • Made In The USA
      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Make Dry Camping Easy With RV Dry Camper Pack

      Dry camping is a great way to wander off the beaten path, explore the unknown, and create some amazing memories. But dry camping can also cause many unappealing black water holding tank problems, especially backups and odors. The Unique RV Dry Camper Pack is the perfect solution to solving all your dry camping holding tank issues. The specially assembled, easy-to-use products in the RV Dry Camper Pack use only the strongest bacterial blends to fully digest waste and eliminate odors, providing whole tank care that you can trust. All products in RV Dry Camper Pack are made in the USA and are guaranteed to work.

      Dry campers tend to camp for extended periods. Being off grid like this can cause waste to sit inside the holding tank longer. Being off grid also requires less water to be used, meaning less water flows into the black water holding tank, allowing for odors and backups to compound. On top of these issues, many dry camping locations are found in high temperature locations, causing the already strong odor to become even stronger. The products assembled in the RV Dry Camper Pack are perfectly matched to address these very specific issues that come with dry camping. Let’s explore why each product was chosen.

      Maintain Your Tank With RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods

      To keep backups at bay it’s crucial to use a product containing sufficient amounts of bacteria. The increased bacteria counts in RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods help account for any bacteria that may die off from dehydration in dry environments like those found during dry camping. These pods are chock full of the bacteria needed to keep your holding tank backup free.

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      Powerful Odor Removal From Tank Odor Eliminator

      Because smells can get out of hand in high heat and low-water environments, we have also included Unique Tank Odor Eliminator in The RV Dry Camper pack. The power formula in Unique Tank Odor Eliminator guarantees that you will be odor free in the heat, the cold, or any climate in between.

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      Deep Clean With Unique Tank Cleaner

      Waste sitting inside the black water holding tank for long periods can tend to build up and cause odors. To prevent this, we include Unique Tank Cleaner with the RV Dry Camper Pack to ensure you keep your holding tanks free from residue, clogs, and odors. We recommend cleaning your system thoroughly after your dry camping excursions.

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    • Looking For Safety Information?

      View or download an SDS for RV Digest-It Powder here.

      View or download an SDS for Holding Tank Cleaner here.

      View or download an SDS for Tank Odor Eliminator here.

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