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Unique Camping + Marine

Treat Your Tanks Effectively + Inexpensively

  • This convenient Full Time Camper Pack Contains:

    • 1 x RV Digest-It Gallon (64 treatments)

    • 4 x RV Toilet Cleaner + Tank Enhancer

    • Full Timer Camping Pack Guide

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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    RV Digest-It

    With other tank treatments you get over-priced, underwhelming products that are full of strong fragrances. Often, the fragrance in the treatment is just as overwhelming as the toilet odor - you’re exchanging toilet smells for over-powering perfume smells!

    You also have to buy expensive (and uncomfortable) RV toilet paper with other tank treatments. You spend more money for less comfort.

    With RV Digest-It you can live in an RV with no toilet smells, no heavy perfume smells, and you don’t have to purchase expensive and uncomfortable RV toilet paper!

    Your RV is your home and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

    With Unique you can live comfortably - without odors or backups - and you'll save money doing it!


    RV Toilet Cleaner

    You may ask, “Why would I need a specific RV toilet cleaner?”

    Your holding tank contents remain liquefied (no clogs) and odor-free because a healthy tank contains waste-digesting microbes (bacteria). If you clean your toilet bowl with chemicals or bleach you will kill the bacteria that are keeping your tank working.

    Not only are you negating the tank treatment you just paid to put in your tank, but you are also killing the beneficial bacteria that keep you odor and clog-free! It's a lose-lose!

    With RV Toilet Cleaner, it's a win-win... you can clean your toilet bowl with tank enhancing microbes so you end up with sparkling toilets and a healthy, clog and odor-free tank!

Enjoy living full time in your RV without embarrassing or gross clog, odors, or expensive toilet paper and leave the holding tanks to us.


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United States

full timers

easy shopping and quick shipping. great products!

United States

Product works great!

Toilet cleaner smells great, cleans fast, RV Digest has been doing the job, and I love chemical free! Good for the planet

Unique Camping + Marine

Thanks for the kudos! We couldn't agree more, and we're happy you've had great results from Unique's products. And as you observed, since our products don't have all those nasty chemicals many products include, they're safe for the environment, your family, and your pets. It's a win in every category! Happy & safe travels to you and yours, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Marj B.
United States

Great product

Unique products work very well. We are full time campers and it breaks down any toilet papers we use. Shipping is quick. We appreciate the user tips that are included in our orders. Thank you!

Unique Camping + Marine

Marj, thanks for your great 5-star review! We're glad you are happy with our products, service, & user tips. Happy campers are what keep us going! Stay safe out there!