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  • Beat The Heat With Our Hot Weather Camper Pack

    Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

    • Highly Effective In Hot Weather
    • Specially Assembled to Digest Waste and Eliminate Odors
    • Convenient Application Method
    • Provides Whole-Tank Care
    • Made In The USA
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Make Hot Weather Camping A Breeze

    Hot weather camping is a great way to follow the sun, explore some beautiful locations, and create some amazing memories. But hot weather can also cause many unappealing black water holding tank problems, especially backups and odors. The Unique RV Hot Weather Camping Pack is the perfect solution to solving all your dry camping holding tank issues. The specially assembled, easy-to-use products in the Hot Weather Camping Pack use only the strongest bacterial blends to fully digest waste and eliminate odors, providing whole tank care that you can trust. All products in Hot Weather Camping Pack are made in the USA and are guaranteed to work.

    Some of the best camping locations are found in high temperature locations, causing the already strong odor to become even stronger. The products assembled in the Hot Weather Camping Pack are perfectly matched to address these very specific issues that come with dry camping. Let’s explore why each product was chosen.

    Maintain Your Tank with RV Digest-It Drop-in Pods

    To keep backups at bay it’s crucial to use a product containing sufficient amounts of bacteria. The increased bacteria counts in RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods help account for any bacteria that may die off from dehydration in hot, dry environments like those found during hot weather camping. These pods are chock full of the bacteria needed to keep your holding tank backup free.

    Learn More About RV Digest-It

    Powerful Odor Removal From Tank Odor Eliminator

    Because smells can get out of hand in high heat environments, we have also included Unique Tank Odor Eliminator in the Hot Weather Camping Pack. The powerful formula in Unique Tank Odor Eliminator guarantees that you will be odor free in even the harshest of heats.

    Learn More About Tank Odor Eliminator

  • Looking For Safety Information?

    View or download an SDS for RV Digest-It Powder here.

    View or download an SDS for Tank Odor Eliminator here.

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All Unique Camping + Marine products are proudly made inside the USA. Clean and maintain RV wastewater systems with American Made solutions. 

Made In The USA

We are proud to say that every ingredient we use is sourced and made here in the U.S.A. We proudly work with other quality American businesses to ensure that the products you get today are helping to build a better economic future for this country.


All of our products are guaranteed to work or your money back. We stand 100% behind our products. 

Our Guarantee

Our products are made with non-toxic formulas that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Everything we do comes with unparalleled support from the wastewater experts at Unique Camping + Marine, located right here in the USA. If for some reason you don’t love the results, we’ll refund your money without hassle!


We make safe products. All of Unique Camping + Marine products are made with both the customer and the environment in mind. We are proud to say that our products are both safe for you and your family, but also the environment. 

Safe Products

Many other products claim to be organic, safe, or natural, but a closer look at their label reveals that these products contain dangerous ingredients that can cause serious harm to you and the environment. Nearly every one of our products is 100% safe for you and the earth. And if they aren't, we make positive you are aware.


Unique Camping + Marine products comply with state regulations and are safe for septic systems 

State Compliant

Unique Camping + Marine products comply with all state and national laws protecting septic systems, groundwater and the environment. Prohibited ingredients like formaldehyde and bronopol have never, and will never be used in any of our products.