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Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clean Your Toilet Bowl + Boost Your Septic Tank's Waste Digestion

  • Removes Stains from Porcelain and Plastic Bowls
  • Infuses Beneficial Bacteria with Each Cleaning
  • Reduces Sludge and Solids So You Can Extend The Time Between Pump Outs
  • Helps Prevent Embarrassing and Disgusting Septic Backups
  • Helps Remove Hard Water Stains
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • Safe For Your Family, Pets, and the Environment

Make your toilets sparkle while boosting waste digestion inside your septic tank.

When selecting the right toilet bowl cleaner for you home it's important you find one that does two important things: 

  1. Boosts your septic systems waste digestion process with powerful digestive microbes 
  2. Makes your toilet bowl absolutely spotless and clean
Unique Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner is the only product on the market that can effectively do both. Don't waste your time or money with cheap products and caustic chemicals that can expose your vital and expensive system to clogs and failure. Use a toilet cleaner that can help you extend the life of your septic system and prevent clogs and backups.


     Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    | Powered By The Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available | 



    Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner uses a highly effective blend of microbial cleaners, enzymes, and micro-scrubbers to deep clean your toilet bowl while injecting solid-reducing, waste digesters into your septic system. These digesters will go to work reducing the solid waste inside your septic tank, helping avoid septic backups. The digesters will also reduce sludge and the suspended solids inside your system which will help extend the life of your septic system.

    Traditional toilet cleaners use chemicals that are natural enemies to the healthy bacteria inside your septic tank, like bleach and caustic chemicals. Using cleaners like this may be shortening the lifespan of your system and exposing you to clogs, backups, and costly, unnecessary pump-outs.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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