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Who hasn’t peed in their home shower? Well, it seems that the nation is split almost 50/50 on that point, some enthusiastically admitting it and others recoiling at the thought. Peeing in a home shower is one thing, but what about peeing in an RV shower? As with almost any topic, there are nay-sayers and supporters on both sides.
  • 6 min read
If you’ve travelled the country in your RV, you’ve probably seen a rainbow of different types of RV resorts; some you’d rather forget you ever stayed at and others you’d go back to as soon as possible. There are some very unique RV resorts out there with many different amenities and are geared toward different types of patrons. Here are our favorites!
  • 25 min read
The journey of a thousand miles starts by defining your terms. Wait, that’s not how the saying goes, is it? Well, anyway, it is pretty important to understand all the basic ins and outs of a topic (or in this case a lifestyle) before you move forward with it. 
  • 8 min read

If you are considering joining the ranks of RVers around the country, a rental RV might be a great way to get started. However, we understand that first time RVers can feel a little overwhelmed! But with some simple pointers, you’ll soon be traveling in a rental RV like a seasoned pro! This article will cover the basics of renting an RV as well as some practical tips and fun first time RVing activities.

  • 7 min read