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You've Got Problems. We've Got Answers. REAL ANSWERS!

We hear it every day, when people run into holding tank problems they get loads of conflicting advice on how to solve their problem. And here's the rub... this advice (as well intentioned as it is) doesn't usually help them solve their problems! Often, before someone gets to us they've already tried several different solutions, only to find out that none of them work, and they are weary, frustrated, and apprehensive. Well you can rest easy, friend! We've been down this road thousands of times with people who are feeling the same way you are, and the good news is we've been able to help them all! Our help comes from years of experience, backed by actual science, validated by RESULTS! So, there is no guessing, trying, or hoping here. We've pretty much heard it all and our teams of experts help people solve these problems every single day!

We have written hundreds of guides, but this page is a collection of the most common problems that we assist folks with. Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible, so what are you waiting for? Let's get to it!

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The Unique Method

A Practical Approach To Problem-Free Tanks

Many RVers have been mislead to believe that the solution to eliminating toilet odors and preventing clogs is using a miracle product. Savvy RVers know that it's a 50/50 combination: 50% using the right product and 50% employing the right process. The Unique Method will teach you the simple process that will ensure you get 100% success from your tank treatment product.

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RV Toilet Odors. Unique Camping + Marine Fly Icon Fly Icon Fly Icon Smell Lines Icon
Eliminating Odors

Are Toilet Odors Making You A (Not So) Happy Camper?

At some point in their camping career most RVers will struggle with toilet odors. It may be external factors like hot weather or improper venting. It may be a result of using the wrong toilet treatment or method for treating your tanks. Regardless of WHY, we know HOW gross toilet odors can be. We've helped thousands of RVers solve their toilet troubles. Let's solve yours!

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Unclogging an RV Toilet. Unique Camping + Marine Toilet paper Icon Toilet Paper Icon Plunger Icon Poop Pile Icon
Unclogging Toilets

So Your Toilets Clogged? Honestly, It's Okay.

Nothing ruins the ideal RV vacation quite like a clogged toilet. It's the perfect mix of disgust, fear, horror, and stress and though you may think you're alone, it's actually a very common problem - and a pretty easy problem to fix if you have the right guidance. We've helped thousands of RVers unclog their toilets and tanks and we can help you too! So don't worry. We've got you!

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Fixing Misreading Sensors Guide. Unique Camping + Marine Angry Icon Exclamation Icon X Icon Warning Icon
Restoring Sensors

Misreading Sensor Probes CAN Be Fixed!

We've heard it a thousand times, "I bought my RV and the sensors stopped working almost immediately. I've just learned to live with it." It's true, misreading sensors are very common and most of the advice for restoring them simply doesn't work. Sure, you can live with misreading sensors, but our opinion has always been that if you can fix them (and you can!), you should. So, let's do it. Let's fix your misreading sensors!

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Got a question about a Unique Camping + Marine product? Need help placing an order or tracking a package? Are you struggling with a problem like misreading sensor probes or a clogged tank and you just can’t figure out the next steps? Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

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