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Partnering With Unique Camping + Marine

Let’s be honest, we think Unique Camping + Marine products are great. Our 25 years of experience has allowed us to create the most advanced RV and Marine products available. But in that time we’ve also learned that great products alone don’t make our company great. It takes a commitment to providing our partner stores with everything they need to be successful.

This commitment includes providing first-class education, access to a library of resources, and expert technical support for your service team. It also includes delivering unmatched training and support for your sales staff. And finally, it includes providing industry-leading sales materials and informative guides for your customer that further solidifies their trust, bolstering more loyalty to your store.

By carrying Unique Camping + Marine products, you don’t just get the best RV and marine products available, you also get:

  • A personal sales rep committed to your store’s success 
  • Free team training on how to use and sell Unique Camping + Marine products 
  • Direct store support from our team of dedicated RV and marine specialists
  • Free, high-quality sales materials
  • Free customer guides and resources created by industry professionals
  • Strong profit margins
  • No order minimums
  • Order Customization - mix and match the products you need
  • Products proudly made here in the USA
  • A satisfaction guarantee for you and your customers

Please contact us today with any questions you may have regarding partnering with Unique Camping + Marine.

Have questions? No problem! Email us here: sales@uniquemm.com

NOTE: Unique Manufacturing & Marketing has licensed exclusive sellers to market and sell our products on the following online platforms: Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Bonanza.com, Jet.com. Unique does not allow wholesale dealers to market, sell, or represent it's products without express consent on these sites. If you are interested in selling our products on these sites, please email us to discuss available opportunities.