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Preventing Clogs In Your Holding Tank

How Do I Keep From Getting Clogs In My Black Holding Tank?

This is a short HOW TO that covers the most essential and basic information you'll need to know about preventing clogs in your RV's black water holding tank. We highly recommend you read our longer, more informative blog post on this topic to make sure you get the full picture and save yourself the hassle that comes with a clogged tank. For now, here are the basics:

Clogs are formed in your tanks from build-up in your tanks from undigested solid waste (like pyramid plugs) and for a few, struvite build-up.

To ensure you never get clogs in your black water tanks, do the following:

1. Treat your tank regularly with RV Digest-It Plus to effectively digest and liquefy the solid waste inside your tanks.

2. Always keep your black tank valve closed - except when dumping your tank. If your valve isn’t kept closed the liquid waste (and your toilet treatment product) will drain out of the tank immediately, leaving only solid waste behind to create disgusting odors and will eventually lead to clogs.

3. Use ample water with each flush. Every time you use your toilet, hold the flush peddle down for a FULL 10 SECONDS. The more water your keep inside your black tank the better chance you have of keeping your tanks clog-free (as well as odor-free!). Not only does the water help break down the solids, but it is also a crucial component to keeping the beneficial bacteria in RV Digest-It Plus alive and active so they can effectively liquefy the solid waste (including toilet paper) inside your tank.

4. Never clean your toilets with chemical, anti-bacterial, or bleach-based toilet cleaners. The chemicals contained in these toilet cleaners will kill the beneficial bacteria that keep your holding tanks clog and odor free. Instead, clean your toilet with an RV toilet cleaner that uses tank-safe detergents to clean the toilets while injecting beneficial bacteria into the holding tank.

5. Monitor your tank temperatures. If your tanks get extremely hot or cold the active bacteria that keep your system clog and odor free may become inactive and lead to issues. Ideally your tank should remain between 45 and 85 degrees (Fahrenheit) to create the ideal environment for the beneficial bacteria in RV Digest-It Plus to flourish. If your tanks get hotter than 85 degrees, increase your dosage amount and use extra water. If your tanks get below 45 degrees you will need to consider better insulating your tanks or heating them.

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