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Meet Our RV Community Partners

Follow Your Detour - Full Timer Partner of Unique Camping + Marine - Best Holding Treatment Advise
Meet Dan and Lindsay

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie are full-time traveling RVers from Colorado.

They viewed the leap into full-time RVing as a life "detour" and started their website Follow Your Detour. Through their detour, Dan and Lindsay have grown more passionate about sharing their story and resources for helping other's build a not-so-cookie cutter life too.

They love that RVing allows them to bring along their two dogs and be in nature as much as possible.

You can usually find them on the river fly fishing, hiking to sunset spots, or at the local brewery.

Follow Dan and Lindsay's Travels

You can follow Dan and Lindsay as they jump around North America in their Class C RV on their website or find them on Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / Pinterest

Girl Gone Glamping - Full Timer Partner of Unique Camping + Marine - Best Holding Treatment Advise - GirlGoneClamping
Meet Lindsey

I’m Lindsey (girlgoneglamping), originally from Buffalo, NY, after spending many years in NYC and Chicago, I traded in my city lifestyle for life on the open road!

I’ve been traveling for 18 months out of my Airstream, with no plans of stopping. I am absolutely in love with this journey! I have met some of the most beautiful and amazing people, collected enough memories to last a lifetime, and found new passions, along the way.

I love being active and being outdoors, living out of an Airstream literally brings the great outdoors right to your doorstep! Inspired by the raw beauty of mother nature I’ve recently stated dabbling in photography.

I am running my company, a small logistics brokerage, 100% remotely from the road! Capitalizing fully on the freedom working for yourself holds. I keep east coast hours, and work hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Follow Lindsey's Travels

Check out Lindsey's next endeavor in her Airstream Travel Trailer on her Instagram / Blog

Wondering Wagners - Full Timer Partner of Unique Camping + Marine - Best Holding Treatment Advise
Meet Mike and Lynn Wangner

Lynn and Mike are a married couple from northern Ohio. Recently leaving behind their suburban home, they decided to hit the road and pursue a life of adventure!

With 12 years of experience under their belt, Mike and Lynn are loving the full-time RV lifestyle they have grown into. From northern Ohio to California, these two are scouring the US looking for the next great adventure in their Airstream.

These two together have a wealth of information, from all of their useful RV tutorials to some of their personal experiences and stories from the many places they have visited!

Follow Mike and Lynn As They Travel

Check out Wandering Wagners as they travel around the country in their Airstream Flying Cloud 30RB on YouTube and Instagram!






Doherty Digs - RV Decor and RV Interior Designs - Full Timer Partner of Unique Camping + Marine - Best Holding Treatment Advise

Meet Brett and Kirsten

For the past 8 years, Brett has been asking Kirsten to move into non-traditional spaces like boats, connex boxes, tents, warehouses, buses, you name it, he’s wanted to live in it.

He finally convinced her to move into a fifth wheel, where they have been living for the past six months. They’re enjoying their life as nomads, their freedom from yard work, and working toward establishing a new norm for the “American Dream.”

Follow Doherty Digs

Check out Brett and Kirsten's travels on Instagram @DohertyDigs!