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Lost in Translation: Navigating RV Slang and Camper Lingo

  • 3 min read

Welcome to the RV life, where we speak a whole different language! If you're fresh to the scene or an old hat at this game, understanding RV jargon can turn your trip from a bumpy ride into a smooth adventure. Here's a quick guide to 20 of the most amusing RV slang terms that you might hear on the open road.

Think of this list as your personal Rosetta Stone for RV-ese:

  1. Stinky Slinky: This is the charming name given to the sewer hose of your RV. It's not the most glamorous part of RV life, but it's certainly one of the most memorable.
  2. Boondocking: Camping without any hook-ups. It's just you, your RV, and the great outdoors. Also known as "dry camping".
  3. Moochdocking: When you park your RV at a friend or relative's house and use their utilities. It's like boondocking, but with less guilt about using the facilities.
  4. Fulltiming: Living in your RV full-time. It's not just a vacation, it's a lifestyle.
  5. Twinnebagos: A funny term for a pair of RVs traveling together. Kind of like Winnebagos, but twice as fun.
  6. Honey Wagon: An RV term for a vehicle that pumps out blackwater tanks at campgrounds. Not as sweet as it sounds.
  7. Toad: The smaller vehicle you tow behind your RV. Because hopping from place to place is much easier with a little extra transportation.
  8. Blue Boy: Meet your RV's trusty sidekick! This portable waste tank on wheels means you can empty your holding tanks without having to drive your rig to the dump station.
  9. Snow Birding: When snowbirds flock south for the winter. Many RVers do this to escape harsh winters and enjoy milder temperatures down south.
  10. Boonies: What some people call an area that is isolated and far from civilization. It's great for finding peace and quiet, but not so great for finding a good wifi signal.
  11. Dinghy: A smaller vehicle being towed behind your RV. Sometimes called a “Toad,” dinghy usually means it’s being towed on a dolly.
  12. Dogbone: It's not for playing fetch with Fido, but it sure can fetch you some power! This nifty little gadget helps your 30amp RV shake hands with a 50amp plug, or helps your 50amp RV play nice with a 30amp plug.
  13. Wallydocking: Welcome to the high-class world of 'Wallydocking', where your RV gets to snuggle up with shopping carts for a night under the glow of Walmart's neon lights. Always check in with the store manager to make sure it’s allowed at your desired location.
  14. Sticks & Bricks: This is a term RVers use to refer to a boring, regular ol’ house that isn’t on wheels.
  15. Schoolie: the school bus that’s too cool for school and has been transformed into a roving RV. No more picking up kids, this bus is all about picking up miles and adventure!
  16. Landing Gear: Another name for your stabilizing or leveling jacks.
  17. Hitching Post: It's not for tying up your horses, but for plugging in your steel steed. This is another name for the electric pole you plug your RV into at the campground. Also called “Shore Power.”
  18. Genny: No, she's not a friendly neighbor, but your trusty generator. She's the one who throws the power parties for your appliances and keeps your RV's house batteries juiced up. So, next time you're sipping a cold one from your RV fridge, remember to raise a toast to Genny!
  19. Workamping: The lovechild of 'work' and 'camping'. It's like a work-study program for RVers, where your classroom is the campground and your tuition fee is elbow grease. You do some chores, and voila! You've earned yourself a prime camping spot.
  20. Batwing: This rooftop TV antenna isn’t fighting crime in Gotham, it's battling for better reception with its wing-like arms.

Now that you're fluent in RV-ese, if a fellow camper casually drops a line about your 'Stinky Slinky,' you won't be scrambling for words. So, buckle up and enjoy the wild ride of RV banter. Happy Camping!

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