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Finally, A Proven Method That Will Eliminate All Of Your Holding Tank Headaches!

Are you tired of dealing with holding tank odors, clogged toilets or misreading sensors? You’ve probably done your research and asked around for advice on how to stop these problems, yet nothing seems to work. When you bought your RV the sales person never told you how to maintain your holding tanks and it’s proving to be harder (and more disgusting) than you ever imagined! Some of you have even resorted to never using your toilets or discarding your toilet paper into a trash bin because you’ve been convinced that holding tanks are a perpetual problem.

Thankfully, there is a proven solution that is simple and easy! After helping thousands of RVers eliminate toilet troubles we’ve made this into an easy to understand process that will virtually eliminate any holding tank issues. We call this process The Unique Method and anyone can do it! So, why wait?!

Stop dealing with odors and let The Unique Method enable you to enjoy your RV hassle free. Enjoy your RV. Forget about your holding tanks!

Solve all of your holding tank troubles with the Unique Method

Stop worrying about your holding tanks.

With The Unique Method you get:

  • No Odors In Your Holding Tank Or Toilet
  • No Tank Clogs, Pyramid Plugs, Or Back-Ups
  • Maintains Properly Working Sensor Probes
  • Uses No Dangerous Or Toxic Chemicals
  • Septic System Safe
  • Inexpensive
  • Works for Dry Campers, Full Timers, and Full Hookup Campers
  • Used By Thousands Of RVers Everyday

What Customers Are Saying

I'm sold on not just the products from Unique but also their customer service. Unique demonstrates the rare quality of genuinely CARING for their customers. 

-John K. 

We are full time campers and use Unique Camping products for our holding ranks. They are the best for being able to use any brand of toilet paper. And they also send out information to help keep your tanks healthy.

-Marj B.

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