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Marine Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment


Unique Camping + Marine

Guaranteed To Work + Made In The USA

  • Digests Solid Waste and Residual Sludge In Holding Tanks
  • Eliminates Tank, Toilet, and Sanitation Line Odors
  • Treats Black and Gray Tanks
  • Works In Salt Water
  • Cleans and Maintains Tank Sensors and Level Gauges
  • Digests All Brands of Toilet Paper
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • Safe For Your Family and the Environment
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eliminates odors and prevents backups in holding tanks using safe and eco-friendly ingredients

Download and Print Instructions: Marine Digest-It

Digests Solid Waste & Eliminates Odors In Boat Holding Tanks

Marine Digest-It is a highly effective holding tank cleaner that uses the strongest, most effective strains of probiotic bacteria available to break down and digest solid waste buildup inside your boat’s holding tank, preventing clogs and eliminating toilet odors.

Our proprietary blend of microbial cleaners is totally safe for you and the environment, so you can rest assured that all of the tank contents will get pumped out completely, without damaging sensitive marine environments.

Eliminating strong odors in your head or holding tanks is only one part of a proper wastewater treatment regimen on your boat. Without effective waste digestion, residual sludge can remain in your holding tank, resulting in clogged tanks and increased toilet odors.

With Marine Digest-It you get best-in-class odor elimination and solid waste reduction. And all from a treatment containing only safe ingredients!

Our safe, eco-friendly formula means no harsh chemicals, no scary additives, no residue and no possibility of harm to your family or pets - every ingredient in Marine Digest-It is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. 

Treat your holding tanks with the strongest, most advanced formula available - Marine Digest-It.

The Marine Digest-It Difference. Other treatments leave behind damaging residue that coat your boat’s plumbing with mineral deposits, resulting in clogged toilet bowls, compromised seals and valves, and ineffective plumbing lines.

Marine Digest-It’s eco-friendly formula goes to work on your boat's wastewater system by injecting billions of healthy bacteria into the holding tank to break down and biodegrade all of the contents that cause odors and backups. These micro-cleaners will eliminate waste buildup and eliminate odors in sanitation lines and in the holding tank, so residual odors are not exhausted through vents, disrupting your boating experience.

Our Guarantee. We know you’ll love Marine Digest-It! Because everything is turned into liquid, dumping is always a breeze! Its non-toxic formula means it’s safe for people, pets, and the environment, and it comes with unparalleled support from the tank experts at Unique Camping + Marine. But if for some reason you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money without hassle!

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Mar O.

Totally amazing.

After two years of the corrosive, stinky, awful Blue Stuff That Shall Remain Nameless (I'm looking at you, West Marine) we were ready for a change-- who wants a stateroom that smells alternately like a hospital and... well, you know. UNIQUE IS AMAZING! We've used it for a grand total of two weeks between pump outs and there is NO SMELL in the head, near the tank, ANYWHERE. I let it sit in the head before flushing it through the first time and even the macerator seems to be working more smoothly. I can't recommend this product enough-- stop stinking up your life, stop putting harmful chemicals into your boat/home/environment, and START USING UNIQUE! :)

Robin L

how would I know if it's working?

I can't see inside my tank and have no clue if it is working or not. When I did have questions regarding usage, customer service was fast and pleasant.

Bruce M.


Marine Digest-It works great no more smell and it appears that is is breaking up the solids in the tank for a cleaner tank.

Terry M.

Seems to work fine

Seems to work fine

Frank C.

Good Compamy Good Products

I brought the marine digest-it holding tank treatment, which is twice as strong as the RV digest-it. Very satisfied.

Philip K.

Love that's it natural

I just started using "Marine Digest-It." I was having a party on my boat and put out special paper towels in the head for people to dry their hands. Unfortunately my friends are not familiar with a marine holding tank and flushed the towels. UGH! I was really concerned that this was going to be a problem. I used "Marine Digest-It" and had no problems at pump out time. I love the fact that the products are natural!

Charles M.

always works for us

We have been using Digest it for a number of years. it always controls ordors in our heads without all the perfumey stuff. Just recently got the bowl cleaner. So far, so good.

Ken P.

This product is the best

This product is the best I have ever used for my boats head and also used it in the bilge. It leaves no odor.

Jelene D.

Stinks No More!

LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE this product! Followed the directions for each head and presto, no more smell! I admire whoever came up with this bacterial combo to eliminate odors because it WORKS! We have a sensor problem in one of our heads and cannot wait to really put this product to its test. I'll gladly write again about the outcome once we know when the pump-out boat can come again, until then, we cannot run the test as we're living aboard and need the facilities! We had a mild smell which is now gone, but we're really hoping that whatever has munged-up our head sensor will be remedied by this product! I have total faith to be honest, but time will tell and I'll be sure to let y'all know! Buy it, it's worth it and environmentally friendly! LOVE IT!

Patricia L.

Thank You!

Thank You!