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Septic System Digester


Treats Septic Systems Of All Sizes

  • Breaks Down Solid Waste, Greases and Soaps 
  • Safe for Your Family, Septic Systems, and the Environment
  • Reduces Frequency of Expensive Pump-Outs
  • As Low as 2.50 Per Treatment
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Breaks down waste and eliminates sludge build-up so you can extend the time between pump-outs!


 Septic System Digester

| Powered By The Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available | 

Septic System Digester is an advanced, monthly septic treatment that is designed to inexpensively jumpstart waste digestion throughout your whole septic system -including your septic field laterals. Our specialty bacteria blend will reduce the frequency of costly pump-outs by protecting you from system failures like standing water in your septic field, disgusting back-ups, clogs, or sewer odors.

Septic system overuse and everyday items that can contain harsh chemicals found in cleaners, bleach, and antibacterial soap, can hinder and prevent the natural breakdown of solids inside your septic system. Eventually putting you at risk of system failures and frequent pumping.

Septic System Digester contains a non-toxic blend of safe bacteria that delivers billions of specially formulated digesters to prevent problems without harsh chemicals or scary additives.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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John K.

I'm Sold!

I'm sold on not just the products from this firm but the customer service. This firm demonstrates the rare quality of genuine quality of CARING for their customers, most of who I believe they never even lay eyes on. Their concern over my septic system issues have saved me thousands of dollars. Further, they act as if it is no big deal to use their expertise to help other folks where they are able. Don't pass these folks by. Their are the creme de la crème of business integrity, product quality and customer relations.

Durland E.

Unique Products

we have used Unique products in the holding tanks of our motor yacht and our motor home for years and the results have been phenomenal. Never an odor, and the digesting process makes pumping the tanks a pleasure when compared to any thing else I ever used in the past. Because of these experiences we have begun using Unique products in our homes septic system.

Joyce K.

Really Works!

Never have a problem with my septic tank when I use this product.

Deborah T.

Great Product!

Have been using RV product for many years. Bought septic product because of satisfaction with RV Unique. Am very happy with both and recommend both to anyone interested.


Still Waiting

We got this on the advise of our nieghbor-who is much more septic savvy than we are... Have a VERY old septic/leach field. Has stayed in balance for decades-but had a big ta-doo at the house last fall-which probably overloaded it with all sorts of unfamiliar's. We ended up having to have it pumped, added your SS-digester-as recommended-and are keeping our fingers crossed... So far-so good. Nice to have a local product-and the price was comparable to other digesters on the market. We'll keep ya posted...It has been a month-ceptic tank is functioning so far...but we are also very VERY conservative with water-and try not to use chemicals.