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RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment | Drop-In Pods


Unique Camping + Marine

Guaranteed To Work + Made In The USA

  • Digests Solid Waste and Residual Sludge In Holding Tanks
  • Eliminates Tank Odors
  • Prevents Backups and Clogs
  • Treats Black and Gray Tanks
  • Only $1.40 Per Dump
  • Cleans and Restores Tank Sensors and Level Gauges
  • Digests All Brands of Toilet Paper
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • Safe For Your Family, Septic Systems, and the Environment
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eliminates tank odors and prevents backups in black and gray tanks using safe and eco-friendly ingredients.

Proper Black Water Care Guide


Download and Print Instructions: RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods

Powered By The Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

Hands down, RV Digest-It is the most effective waste digester and odor eliminator available.

We get it, you want both: odor elimination and waste removal - so why settle for only one or the other? Savvy RVers know that keeping your holding tanks clean is extremely critical to enjoying your RV. Nothing ruins an RV adventure like toilet troubles!

RV Digest-It’s probiotic and enzyme formula is the most advanced formula available today and contains the highest quality, hand-selected ingredients. It is made in Colorado using ingredients and materials sourced in the USA, and there is no other product available that can match its ability to prevent clogs and odors in black and gray holding tanks.

Thousands of RVers trust RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment everyday as their go-to solution to properly maintain their holding tanks.

RV Digest-It uses the most powerful blend of bacteria and enzyme cleaners available to keep your RV clog and odor free. RV Digest-It is the most affordable and effective way for RVers to treat both their gray and black tanks; prices start at only $.63 per treatment!

RV Digest-It is also completely safe, meaning it's the perfect non-hazardous and eco-friendly solution for you and your family! The best part is, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so there really is no risk! 

Many other treatments do a good job of eliminating odors but do nothing for solid-waste digestion. In fact, many odor eliminators will actually damage your RV by coating your lines with mineral deposits that damage your toilet bowl, your seals, and cause your level sensors to constantly read full.

Now you can get both with RV Digest-It: Unbeatable odor control and best-in-class waste digestion. And you can get it all for under $1 per treatment!

The RV Digest-It Difference. Other treatments leave behind damaging residue that coat your RV’s plumbing with mineral deposits, resulting in clogged toilet bowls, compromised seals, and level sensors that constantly read full.

RV Digest-It’s eco-friendly formula goes to work on your camper's toilet by injecting billions of healthy bacteria into the holding tank that break down and biodegrade all of the contents that cause odors and backups.

Expensive RV toilet paper is unnecessary if you are maintaining your RV wastewater systems with Unique RV Digest-It. We guarantee that all of your black and gray tanks will be flowing smoothly, including those using household toilet paper.

Our Guarantee. We know you’ll love RV Digest-It! Because everything is turned into liquid, dumping is always a breeze! Its non-toxic formula means it’s safe for people, pets, and the environment, and it comes with unparalleled support from the tank experts at Unique Camping + Marine. But if for some reason you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money without hassle!

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United States United States

RV Digest It Powder

Two years ago, I started using RV Digest It liquid and am very happy with the product. When the powder became available, I tried it and it is as effective as the liquid but the container that the powder form is in weighs less than and takes up less storage space than the liquid.

Unique Camping + Marine

Thank you for your 5-star review! We're glad to hear RV Digest-It has been meeting your needs for so long. If we can answer any questions for you, please let us know. Happy camping!

Betty C.
United States United States

Use of Unique

I like your products, just wish they would clean the sensors better. Their is no smell from the black tank and everything is turned to liquid.

Unique Camping + Marine

Betty, thanks for your review, and we're glad you like our products. Breaking down waste & eliminating odors is what we do best! Regarding your sensor issues, have you tried our Sensor Cleaner? It is specially formulated for those tricky things! Also be sure to check out the resources on our website for some tips and tricks. And of course, we are always available by phone or email to help with your difficult RV challenges. Happy camping! support@uniquemm.com 800-476-1608

United States United States



Unique Camping + Marine

Thanks for your 5-star review. We're glad that RV Digest-It impressed you & performed so well. We're not surprised, just happy to hear it! Stay safe out there!

Kate P.
United States United States

Best product for full timers!!

I live in an RV year round with my family. This is the best black tank product on the market. It cleared the sensors when we traveled too. And, yes, it really only needs 2oz per use. Keeps odors away even in hot climate. Never buying anything else!!

Unique Camping + Marine

Wow, Kate, that is high praise indeed! When our products work so well for full-timers, you know they are top-notch. Thanks for your purchase and for your 5-star review; we appreciate it! Stay safe out there!

United States United States

RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment Liquid

We have used Digest-It in our Airstream for more than 10 years. Works great. We never have any problems with odor or clogging in the tanks. Also use the Digest-It when cleaning the toilet bowl, which avoids adding harsh detergents to the black tank. We often need to order directly from you on-line because we can't find it locally.

Unique Camping + Marine

Thanks for you 5-star review, and for being faithful customers for so long. We're always happy to have you buy directly from us, but you'll be glad to know that we are in over 1200 stores throughout the US. So chances are good that wherever you go, you will be able to find RV Digest-It in the area. Happy and safe travels!

Donna M.
United States United States

Rv Digest

Found this product a few years ago and love it

Unique Camping + Marine

Donna, thanks for your continued business through the years. We appreciate it! Happy & safe travels to you and yours!

United States United States

RV Digest It

After trying a few products, when we first started RVing 5 years ago, someone suggested RV Digest. It is the only product we will use. It is superior to any others. We are now Fulltimers and RVDigest it is not always available in all places we stop. We will place an order and have it sent. Since this may be printed, I want a reader to know that the Customer Service is almost better than the product!! We decided to try the pods rather than our normal liquid and the post office made a mess of the pods within the packaging. I contacted Unique and they replaced the items right away. The company members followed up, the person who spoke with us followed up. He contacted us to let us know. The person responsible for sending contacted us too It is a great product. We let other campers know about it and will continue to keep it on hand.

Unique Camping + Marine

Thank you for your 5-star review! As you pointed out, sometimes the shipper doesn't take as much care as we do, so we do try to make things more than right for our customers. I'm thrilled to hear that we pleased you with our service and our products, and that you are passing the word along to other campers. Thank you again!

United States United States

Black Holding Tank

I love the product. All natural, so great, will not harm anything.

Unique Camping + Marine

Thanks for your 5-star review, and for pointing out that RV Digest-It is all-natural and completely safe - for your family, your pets, and the environment. We appreciate it!

Robert D.
United States United States

Unique Products

I have never been dissatisfied with any Unique products that I have used Great Stuff! Thanks, Robert

Unique Camping + Marine

Wow, Robert, that is high praise in a world filled with mediocrity; thank you! And thanks for being a loyal Unique customer. Happy camping to you!

Steve K.
United States


i use it religiously. it works.

Unique Camping + Marine

Hey, Steve, thanks for the 5-star review! We appreciate it, and are glad you've found the 8th Wonder of the World - RV Digest-It! Safe travels to you & yours!