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Thank you for using RV Digest-It!

Our customers consistently tell us that this is the most effective product they've ever used for safely and effectively digesting waste and eliminating odors in their RVs, but there are a few things you have to do to make sure it works optimally. On this page you will find tips that will ensure you get the best results.Thank You For Purchasing RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment!

We are very proud of this product and we'd like to know what your experience is with it. This will help us better understand your needs, so we can continually improve our products and service. Your review on Amazon goes a very long way in helping us share this and our other great products with more campers like yourself.

Feel free to email our support team ( if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this product or our other products. We are very quick to respond, so you should hear back from us quickly!

Please note: RV Digest-It is designed primarily as a waste digester and odor reducer. Though it will help keep your already working tank sensors in good working order, it isn't designed to restore malfunction sensors. If you are looking to restore your sensors, you should try using Unique Sensor Cleaner before you consider replacing malfunctioning sensors.


Key Takeaway

*One thing we can't stress enough is to USE PLENTY OF WATER. We get questions about this all the time and the reality is, if the active bacteria in our product can't even reach the waste in your tank, it can't break it down. On top of that, additional water covering the waste in your tank will help dramatically odor problems people commonly have. The simple fact is this: people who flush with ample water will almost NEVER have odors or clogs. We recommend flushing for a full 10 seconds each time you flush your toilet. 


We can assure you that you will find great results if you follow the recommendations below. However, if you do run into any problems, DON’T WORRY! We have your back! We will either help you make the product work exactly as you expected or give you a full refund. There’s nothing to worry about. We’re here to help you make traveling in your RV a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Thanks again and Happy Camping!

The Unique Camping + Marine Team



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What You'll Find On This Page

Whether you're a first time user of RV Digest-It or a long-time veteran, this page contains loads of helpful information to help you properly care for your RV waste water systems.

  1. Instructions - Treating Your Black Tank When On Full Hook-Ups

  2. Instructions - Treating Your Black Tank When Dry Camping (Boondocking)

  3. Instructions - Treating Your Gray Tank

  4. Gray Tank Valves - Leave Them Open or Keep Them Closed?

  5. Avoiding Clogs and Odors Through Proper Black Water Care


Using RV Digest-It - Liquid Formula 

Black Tank Treatment - Full Hook-Ups

When you treat your holding tank with RV Digest-It you are getting the best of both worlds: Waste Digestion (liquefying the solid waste in your tank) and Odor Elimination. To effectively treat your black tank system, follow these steps:

1. Dump your black tank.

2. Flush Tank Thoroughly to remove excess waste and remove previous treatments

3. Close black tank valve.

4. Add 3 - 5 gallons of fresh water to black tank by depressing flush peddle for one minute.

5. Fill your toilet bowl half-full with water.

6. SHAKE your bottle of RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

7. Pour 2 oz. Of RV Digest-It into water (4 oz. for initial treatment)

8. Flush toilet

Note: Water has a huge impact on odor and waste reduction in your RV black tank. We strongly recommend getting into the habit of holding your flush peddle down for a full 10 seconds each time you use your toilet to make sure the waste and odors are handled properly.

9. Add several inches of water to your toilet bowl

10. Repeat These Steps After Each Dump

Black Tank Treatment - Dry Camping (Boondocking)

You can certainly use Liquid RV Digest-It when dry camping, however, dry camping often involves much lower water use and therefore requires specific bacteria formulations to help control odors. We recommend using RV Digest-It Powder formula or RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods if you are dry camping.

If you choose to use RV Digest-It liquid when dry camping, follow the steps above for 'Camping With Full Hook Ups'.


Treating Your Gray Tanks

Everyone has differing ideas on how to properly treat your gray water holding tanks. The method you ultimately choose is your decision and it should be based on how you routinely camp. Here are our recommendations when using RV Digest-It for

Camping with Full Hook-Ups and Dry Camping

Your goal is to never allow solids down your sink, showers, or dishwasher lines.

Even if you allow only liquids into your gray tank you will still accumulate grease, soap, and residue buildup in the tank that can eventually lead to foul tank odors and cause sensors to misread, so it’s important you follow these steps to make sure your tanks remain operating properly and that you don’t get odors in your RV.

1. Dump your gray tank.

2. Add 3 – 5 gallons of water to gray tank

3. Pour 2 oz. RV Digest-It into your gray tank through your sink or shower

4. Repeat each time your dump your gray tank


If you are dry camping (boondocking) and don’t have access to full hook-ups you will likely camp with your Gray Tank valve closed. This means you will be filling your Gray Tank with water until you get to a place where you can dump the tank. The collection of soap, grease, food, and other items that will accumulate in your tank from sink and shower water will likely lead to odors and coat your tank sensors, causing them to misread. Be sure you use RV Digest-It in your Gray Tanks in this situation to reduce odors and help keep sensor functionally correctly.


A Note On Gray Tank Valve Handles

We suggest keeping your gray valve open because so many different types of grease (from food waste, soap, shampoo, etc.) get into your gray tank that you are potentially coating your sensors with grease by allowing your gray tanks to fill up unnecessarily. By leaving your valve open the grease and residue will run out of your tanks naturally so long as you don’t allow solids into your gray tanks.

Important: Make sure NO solids get into your gray tank. The waste going down your drain should only be liquid waste so solid waste doesn’t accumulate in your gray tanks leading to clogs and misreading sensors. If you don’t already use one, a good sink strainer is crucial to ensuring that only liquids go down your drains.

Proper Black Water Care

When out on your own adventures or living full time, it is incredibly important to keep your holding tanks from creating terrible odors. Here are our 5 Guidelines for Black Water Care that will keep you on the road and traveling, without annoying clogs and strong odors.

Rule 1: Keep Your Valve Closed

Leaving your black water tank valve open can result in your liquid wastes draining into the sewer while the solid waste gets left behind to clog your tank. This is known as a pyramid plug and will lead to backups and odors. It may also lead to costly repairs.

Rule 2: Don't Allow Caustic Chemicals or Anti-Bacterial Products in Your Tank

Your holding tank remains clog and odor-free from naturally occurring bacteria that are present in your tank. Killing those beneficial bacteria will increase your chance of odors and backups.

Rule 3: Treat After Each Dump

Treating your system with more beneficial bacteria after each dump will greatly lower your risk of odors and backups.

Rule 4: Clean Your Toilets With an RV Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning your toilets with bleach or chemical toilet cleaners will kill the beneficial bacteria in your tank and increase your likelihood of backups and foul tank odors.

Rule 5: Watch Your Tank Temperatures

The beneficial bacteria that keep your tanks clog and odor-free are inhibited by extreme heat and cold. Regulating your tank temps will allow those bacteria to flourish.The beneficial bacteria that keep your tanks clog and odor-free are inhibited by extreme heat and cold. Regulating your tank temps will allow those bacteria to flourish.

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