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Amazon appears to have deemed all RV holding tank treatments as “unessential" and has delayed shipments on the majority of tank treatments products (all brands). Though a handful of products (including our RV Digest-It Drop-In Pods) are still available for Prime Delivery, it seems they are updating this minute by minute, so that may change.

According to Amazon, most shipments are delayed until late April or early May.

That being said, all of our products are in stock and ready to ship here at!

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RV Digest-It is the go to treatment for thousands of RVers nationwide. Break down waste and eliminate odors in your RV

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What Customers Are Saying About RV Digest-It

Have been using RV Digest-it & RV Toilet Cleaner for approximately eight months. I can say it works. It has become my go to product for my Airstream.

Ron A.

Great product! We’ve been living in our travel trailer because of hurricane Harvey, and with a trailer full of girls, I needed something that was going to work! We are using regular toilet paper and since using this product, we only have to dump once a week! Before this product we spent our afternoons unclogging our sewer, now the once weekly dump is nothing but liquid! No clumps and no clogs! I tried the small bottle and immediately ordered the gallon!

Brandi E.

Unique is the best of the best. We have been using this product for almost 12 yrs.. Since we retired we sold our home and live in our 5th wheel. Never have we experienced any clogging or bad odors.

James Y.

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