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Can You Poop In an RV Toilet?

Can You Poop In an RV Toilet? Unique Camping + Marine
Can You Poop In an RV Toilet? Unique Camping + Marine

Guide: Can You Poop In An RV Toilet?

Spoiler: The short answer is YES!

There are a few things you should know if you plan to partake in pooping in your RV.

Part of the draw of RV camping is the ability to use an actual toilet over squatting in the wild or using a campground porta-potty.

Many RVers believe that pooping in an RV toilet is a recipe for clogs and odor issues, but it all depends on how you are using your RV toilet and caring for your wastewater tanks.

If you practice the right holding tank habits, including using high-quality tank treatments, you can poop in your RV toilet (no matter how you camp) without fear or hassle!

The best part is that the RV toilet habits we recommend are easy and not at all time-consuming.

In this guide we discuss whether or not it is okay to poop in your RV toilet.

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