Buying Unique Camping + Marine Products In Canada


Unique Camping + Marine Logo Loves Canadian Customers


We often hear from RV owners and boaters asking where they can purchase Unique Camping + Marine products in Canada.

Unfortunately, Unique Camping + Marine products aren't currently carried in any retail stores in Canada - but we will be soon, so keep an eye out in your local retailers!

Until then, you can find Unique products on or you may order directly from our website and we can ship your order directly to you. Please note that international shipping costs can get prohibitive, so for now your most cost effective solution is probably to order from Amazon Canada.

Amazon Canada Products

RV Digest-It | 4 oz. | 2 Treatment Liquid

RV Digest-It | 32 oz. | 16 Treatment Liquid

RV Digest-It | 128 oz. | 64 Treatment Liquid

RV Toilet Cleaner + Holding Tank Enhancer

Marine Digest-It | 32 oz. | 16 Treatment Liquid