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Clean-It RV Black Tank Deep Cleaner. Unique Camping + Marine Clean-It RV Black Tank Deep Cleaner. Unique Camping + Marine

How It Works

To help ensure your RVing experience is one that is filled with memories and not frustration because of black tank troubles, RVers need to regularly deep clean their black tank so it remains free from odors and waste buildup. Clean-It is designed specifically for this task. Over time, waste can accumulate inside even a well-maintained black tank for any number of reasons: parking an RV out of level, sagging tanks, the shape and/or design of your black tank, or even because of the way the discharge pipe is positioned. Deep cleaning your black tank with Clean-It is like power-washing your tank to ensure nothing gets left behind to cause problems.

By deep cleaning your tanks, you remove any built-up waste or sludge that may have accumulated over time, and can lead to some pretty serious problems. Deep cleaning is an easy and effective way to ensure your RVing experience is one that is clog and odor-free, so let’s get started!

Please note: Clean-It is designed to be used in BLACK tanks. If you are looking for instructions on deep cleaning your RV gray or galley tanks, you’ll find those here.

What You Can Expect With Clean-It

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A Thorough Black Tank Flush

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No Waste Buildup Inside Tanks

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No Odors From Residual Waste

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Properly Functioning Sensor Probes

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World Class Customer Support

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Compatibility With The Unique Method

Having problems? We can help!

Solving Common Problems With Clean-It

Black Tank Fills Up Too Quickly

Waste that accumulates inside a black tank can shorten the time you can go before dumping your black tank. Solve this issue with Clean-It.

Persistent Tank Odors

Many RVs, especially those that don’t move often, struggle with persistent odors that emanate from their black tank because of accumulated waste. Solve these odor problems with Clean-It.

Main Method

We often use the analogy of dentistry when we talk about proper RV tank maintenance. We know it’s a bit of a weird connection, but hear us out. Just like daily teeth brushing is important for dental health, it’s critical for the health of your RV’s black tanks that you regularly clean them with a high-quality holding tank treatment like RV Digest-It – and that you use it correctly. We always say, it doesn’t matter how great your toothpaste is if it’s misused by squeezing it on your hair! For a product to be effective, it must be used properly. The same goes for your holding tanks. For you to enjoy odor- and clog-free black tanks, you have to couple your high-quality tank treatment product with the proper process to reap the benefits.

We also know that even with your daily teeth cleaning routine, it’s important that you visit the dentist a couple times per year to get your teeth deep cleaned. This is a necessary step to ensure your teeth remain healthy and problem-free.

The same goes for your black tanks. You must regularly treat them every time you go camping to avoid problems, but you should also perform at least two deep cleans per year for the recreational camper, and more if you are a Full Timer. For the weekend warrior, we recommend that you deep clean your tanks at the beginning and end of each camping season. For Full Timers or those with stationary RVs that never move, we recommend deep cleaning every 3-4 months.

Your black holding tanks have a lot of nooks and crannies where waste can build up, so a thorough deep cleaning is required to flush out that waste. Many RVers don’t realize that their tanks have low spots due to age, sagging, or poor construction. They also don’t realize that parking ever-so-slightly out of level for extended periods can cause low spots where waste never drains out. Additionally, they don’t realize that black tanks often have ledges inside them where waste starts accumulating and smelling. All of these are valid reasons why you should deep clean your tanks regularly and thoroughly, and Clean-It is the most powerful deep cleaner available today to help you feel confident that your black tanks are as clean as they can be!

Side Note

Unfortunately, many RVers don’t understand the importance of properly maintaining their tanks. To continue with our dental analogy, they choose to use mints and gum to cover up their bad breath instead of actually cleaning their teeth. They are shocked and dismayed when they learn that their years of neglect have led to serious dental problems, painful trips to the dentist, and unnecessary expenses. The same goes for RVers who refuse to follow the method of routine cleaning that is required to ensure tanks are actually problem free. Far too many RVers use treatments with heavy fragrances to simply cover the odors in their tanks, which do nothing for waste buildup. Or, they insist upon using zinc-based treatments which are fantastic at killing bacteria, thereby killing odors, but also inevitably lead to waste buildup inside the tank. This holding tank waste buildup causes a number of hidden problems that, when they’re discovered, require expensive, frustrating, and sometimes downright disgusting solutions. Don’t fall for the easy way out, which almost ALWAYS ends up being the most problematic in the long run. Your tanks may seem like they’re in tip-top shape if you’re using a fragrance-based treatment to cover tank smells, or a zinc-based treatment that kills smells while building mountains of poop inside your tank. However, the reality is that you are doing damage to your tanks and it is going to end up costing you time, money, stress, and missed camping experiences in the end.

Man in a blue t-shirt covers his nose because of pungent smell. Unique Camping + Marine
Waste Build-up

I’m Getting Clogs and Waste Buildup In My Black Tank

Many RVers notice that their black tanks seem to fill up faster over time, requiring that they dump their tanks more frequently. In many cases, this problem is due to waste that has been allowed to accumulate inside the tank over months or years. You’re going to need to thoroughly clean this waste out if you want to get your tanks back to normal.

Here is what you’re going to do:

  1. Close your black tank valve
  2. Fill your black tank with water
  3. Pour an entire bottle of Clean-It into your black tank (don’t forget to shake it well!)
  4. Let Clean-It sit in your tank for 48 - 72 hours (or more!)
  5. Dump and rinse your tank, ideally for 20-30 minutes

The magic is in the time that you allow Clean-It to work inside your tank. Clean-It is powered by extra-strength bacteria and fast-acting enzymes that chew through the accumulated waste that is causing your tank to fill up prematurely.

There is no amount of time that is too long to let Clean-It work! There is nothing in Clean-It that will cause any damage to your tanks, valves, seals, or sensor probes, so you can rest easy leaving it in your tanks for extended periods of time! Just be sure you don’t leave your tank full of water if there is a chance of freezing.

Also, it’s important that you rinse your tank very thoroughly after using Clean-It. The piled-up waste inside your tank has been digested and broken down by Clean-It, but it also needs to be thoroughly rinsed out of the tank so it doesn’t settle back down and re-form into a tank-clogging mass again. We suggest rinsing your tanks for 20-30 minutes, even if the water appears clear after the first few minutes, since larger waste masses may still be coming loose.

Person wearing gloves using a plunger to remove a clog from an RV toilet.
Tank Odors

Persistent Tank Odors

Many RVers don’t realize that black tanks have ledges, shelves, and low spots that can cause waste to accumulate inside the tank. They are also surprised to learn that waste can build up in these problem areas and create odors, even when they regularly treat their tanks with a high-quality, waste-digesting tank treatment!

To prevent waste from piling up, we recommend that all RVers regularly deep clean their tanks to remain proactive against this pesky poo. We recommend that seasonal RVers deep clean their tanks at the beginning of the camping season, and again at the end. For Full Timers, we recommend deep cleaning black tanks every 3-4 months. Preventing waste accumulation is always better than trying to solve this problem later!

If you find yourself “solving this problem” now, don’t worry! Clean-It has you covered! By deep cleaning your black tank with Clean-It you can rest easy knowing that any residual waste left inside the tank is being broken down and flushed out!

If you run into any snags, read the FAQs below to find answers to the most common questions we hear from RVers like you.

And remember, Clean-It is designed to be used in BLACK tanks. If you need to deep clean your gray tank you will find those instructions here.

Using Clean-It With The Unique Method

The Unique Method is an easy-to-follow treatment method that is used by thousands of RVers every day to prevent holding tank problems before they happen. Treating your holding tanks with Clean-It, following The Unique Method, will ensure your holding tanks remain free from odors, clogs, and misreading sensors. The graphic below shows where Clean-It fits into The Unique Method treatment process.

Unique Method Flow Chart icons Unique Method Flow Chart icons

Frequently Asked Questions

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