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Lyfe Untethered

Lyfe Untethered | A life on the road and hangin in the forest.
We are Trevor, Leila, Kalin and Saphira.

We spent way too long living in the same town and thought we'd change things up - A LOT. So, we sold our home in Southern California and bought an RV to live in - full time. Full time RV living is not something we ever considered, but when Leila got breast cancer in 2019, we figured it was time to start living. We bought a vandalized fifth wheel trailer and renovated it. We are now living a Lyfe Untethered. We wanted to live Life Untethered, but apparently, someone else is already doing that!

Full time RV life and travel is... actually better than we thought! Our daughter Kalin has special needs so we thought it would be more challenging that it is. But dang, living in a 5th Wheel full time is simply... amazing!

We hope to inspire YOU to not put off living. Live now. Don't wait. Life is short and life can be very sweet. Make the most of every moment. Live NOW. Live Lyfe Untethered.

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