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Guidelines For Proper Gray Water Care

Properly treating your gray tank isn’t complicated but it does take a little work. Using the right techniques will help ensure that your gray tanks remain problem-free. Your camping style - Dry Camping or Full Hookups - will have an impact on how you use your gray tank. This guide will help you understand how to properly treat your gray tanks with both camping styles

Camping On Full Hookups

When camping on full hookups, we recommend keeping your gray tank valve open. Remember, you should never keep your black tank valve open. As long as no solid waste is allowed inside your gray tank there should be no reason for waste to build up and create a pyramid plug. To avoid getting solid waste inside your gray tank, we recommend using sink strainers and scraping all food waste into the trash can before washing your dishes. When keeping your gray tank open, it is important that you make a p-trap in your waste discharge line so foul smelling and potentially dangerous sewer gas doesn’t back up into your RV.

Its important to know also, some states do not allow waste hoses to be in contact with the ground. When camping, please make sure you follow all rules and regulations.

Food waste, soap, and shampoo all contribute to the buildup of grease inside your gray tank and can lead to odors and cause your tank’s sensor probes to misread. When you leave your gray tank valve open, grease cannot coat the tank walls since no water is being held inside the tank.

Prevent sewer odors inside your RV with a P-trap that creates a water barrier.

Dry Camping

When Dry Camping, fresh water is hauled in and black and gray water is hauled out. This is because most campsites, state parks, and national parks do not allow you to open-dump your black or gray tanks. All tanks must be dumped at approved dump stations - this means you will have water collecting inside your gray water holding tank for several days. To prevent grease buildup on your tank walls we recommend doing the following:

  1. Treat your tank with RV Digest-It Plus to break down grease.
  2. Clean your dishes with a strong degreaser dish soap.
  3. Deep clean your gray tank with Dawn Ultra regularly to keep your gray tank walls grease-free.
  4. Flush your gray tank whenever possible to help rinse grease buildup off the tank walls.
  5. If gray tank odors become excessive increase your dosage of RV Digest-It Plus or eliminate the odor quickly and easily with Unique Tank Odor Eliminator.

We have developed a comprehensive guide to your RV holding tanks called The Unique Method. The Unique Method is a full guide to treating your holding tanks with actionable steps to improve your RV experience; keeping you on the road without unexpected potholes and speed bumps along the way. Read more about it here.

We regularly assist customers who are dealing with especially difficult tank situations, so if you need a little extra help, please contact our customer support team. we’re happy to help!