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Restore-It Black Tank Sensor Cleaner. Unique Camping + Marine Restore-It Black Tank Sensor Cleaner. Unique Camping + Marine

How It Works

Misreading black tank sensor probes are a common, but frustrating, problem! Without accurately-reading sensor probes, it’s difficult to tell just how full your black tank is. This can lead to either dumping your tanks too frequently, which can shorten the length of your camping trips, or it can lead to dumping your tanks not frequently enough, putting yourself at risk of tank backups and clogs.

Unique Restore-It is, hands-down, the strongest, most effective product for cleaning and restoring your black tank sensor probes.

Sensor probes begin misreading when waste becomes attached to the probe. This can happen for any number of reasons, and it can even happen to those who are taking all of the appropriate measures to properly care for their black tanks - so if this happens to you, don’t beat yourself up! It can happen to the best of us! Also, rest assured that we are going to help you get your sensors back on track with Restore-It!

Before we get started, please note: Restore-It cannot clean and restore broken sensor probes. If your probes are broken or damaged, no amount of cleaning will restore them to their fully operational state. Also, please note that Restore-It will not work in your gray tanks to restore misreading sensor probes. Gray and galley tank sensor probes become inoperable for different reasons than black tanks. To restore your gray or galley tank sensors, you will need to read this guide.

Let’s get started!

What To Expect

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Break Down Of Waste and Contaminates

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Removal Of Human Waste

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Removal Of Paper Waste

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Works On Old and New Problems

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World Class Customer Support

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Compatibility With The Unique Method

Having problems? We can help!

Solving Common Problems With Restore-It

Restoring Black Tank Sensors In Stationary RVs

Misreading black tank sensors can happen to anyone, including Full Time RVers and those with stationary RVs. We’ll help you restore your sensors with Restore-It.

Restoring Sensors In Gray or Galley Tanks

Sensor probes in gray or galley tanks tend to misread and malfunction for different reasons than those in black tanks. We’ll help you restore your gray or galley tank sensors.

Main Method

Misreading sensor probes occur in your black tank because waste (poop and paper) gets stuck on the sensor probes, causing your system to believe the tank is full when it really isn’t. This can lead to all kinds of problems. The main issue this creates for RVers is they don’t know when to dump their tanks because it’s hard to tell when the tank is actually full. Dumping too often can cut a trip short. Dumping too infrequently can lead to waste buildup and clogs. Because of this, we recommend that all RVers keep their black tank sensor probes functioning properly, and Restore-It is the strongest product on the market to help you achieve this goal!

Another issue with misreading sensor probes is that it can lead some RVers to believe they have a clogged black tank. They see the sensors lighting up as “full” so they go to dump their tank. When nothing comes out (because there is nothing in the tank - just misreading sensors!) they begin to believe they have a clogged black tank, which typically causes unnecessary stress, worry, expense, and work.

It is for these reasons that we believe all RVers should maintain working sensor probes in their black tanks.

The first step is to be proactive. Following The Unique Method, and using a high-quality waste digesting tank treatment, like RV Digest-It, is the best way to prevent sensors from misreading in the first place. Don’t worry if you have done everything to prevent misreading sensors and you still find your sensors are out of whack! Truth be told, RV sensor probes are pretty poorly made and they are prone to misreading. You haven’t failed if you find your black tank sensor probes giving you false readings!

The trick to getting your sensors back on track is cleaning them. By removing the waste that is adhering to the sensor probe, you can get clean and clear readings inside your tank. There is no other sensor cleaner on the market that can work faster or stronger than Restore-It. Trust us, we’ve helped thousands of RVers solve their sensor issues and we’ve never come across a product or method that is better than Restore-It.

Please do remember that cleaning sensor probes is tricky, and sometimes it requires a few tricks or tips. Our customer support team is well versed in these situations and we’re here to help you make sure you get your sensors back on track! Restore-It tends to be the product with our lowest rate of customer success. We say this in truthfulness and honesty because we want to help you solve your problem! If you use Restore-It and find that your probes are still misreading, don’t give us a bad review and move on to the next product. You are almost guaranteed to find that all of the other products will work even worse than Restore-It, which means you will waste time and money, only to be even more let down in the long run.

If you truly want to restore your sensors and Restore-It hasn’t finished the job for you, contact our customer support team and we will walk you through additional steps that will help you restore your probes.

We can’t overstate enough that sensors are tricky, but we’re committed to your success and we can help 99% of RVers solve their black tank sensor issues. Just let our team help you before you give up or waste money on other products!

As we often say, if Restore-It can solve your black tank sensor problems, no product can - and we mean that! Simply stated, we’ve gone to great lengths and expense to make sure Restore-It is packed with the best and most powerful ingredients available and if you can’t get your sensors back on track with Restore-It you’re going to need some extra help from our customer support team. Remember, sometimes probes are broken or no longer working, in these situations you will have to replace the probes.

There are two important things to know when using Restore-It:

  1. Fill your tank with clean water to the highest probe that is misreading. If water isn’t touching the probe, it cannot get cleaned!
  2. Give Restore-It plenty of time to work. There is no amount of time that is too long to leave Restore-It in the black tank - the longer the better! The active ingredients in Restore-It work tirelessly to chew through the waste that is stuck on the sensor probes and this can take some time, especially on more difficult problems. Restore-It will not damage any of your tank components, valves, or seals when left in the tank for days, weeks, or even months.

Some RVers who get tired of struggling with their black tank sensor probes replace the probe system with aftermarket products that are mounted on the outside of the black tank. These systems send a signal through the tank to determine how much wastewater is inside the tank. These seem fool-proof, but we’ve helped many RVers with these systems, who still get incorrect readings because waste has accumulated on the tank walls, causing the systems to misread.

Properly functioning sensor probes come down to clean black tanks. The best bet is to prevent waste buildup in the first place, but when you find yourself dealing with misreading probes we guarantee Restore-It is the only product you can trust to get the job done - and our customer support team is here to help guarantee your success!

Black tank sensors read empty. Unique Camping + Marine
Stationary Units

Restoring Black Tank Sensors In Stationary RVs

We mentioned above how critical time is for achieving success with Restore-It. It is not uncommon for Restore-It to take up to 72 hours to chew through the waste that is causing your black tank sensors to misread. For Full Time RVers, and those with stationary units, this time frame can be daunting because you don’t want to cease using your toilet for 3 days while Restore-It works.

Restore-It works best when left undisturbed in a tank full of water. That said, we realize that this isn’t always possible. If you're a Full Timer, or you are actively using your RV, we recommend that you add Restore-It to your black tank while you use your toilet as normal. We suggest you allow Restore-It to work in your tank for 5-7 days before dumping your black tank in these situations. Additionally, you will need to flush and rinse your tank very well after you dump your tank to help rinse away any waste that Restore-It has broken down. Please note: It is not uncommon for Full Timers to have to repeat this process a few times to fully clean and restore their misreading black tank sensor probes.

Restoring sensors in your gray or Galley tank. Unique Camping + Marine
Gray or Galley Tanks

Restoring Sensors In Gray or Galley Tanks

Misreading sensors in gray and galley tanks occur for different reasons than they do in black tanks. If you are struggling with misreading gray or galley tanks, you will need to follow a different approach to clean and restore these probes. This guide will walk you through the steps to restore your misreading gray or galley tank probes.

Using Restore-It With The Unique Method

The Unique Method is an easy-to-follow treatment method that is used by thousands of RVers every day to prevent holding tank problems before they happen. Treating your holding tanks with Restore-It, following The Unique Method, will ensure your holding tanks remain free from odors, clogs, and misreading sensors. The graphic below shows where Restore-It fits into The Unique Method treatment process.

Unique Method Flow Chart icons Unique Method Flow Chart icons

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