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Store-It Black Tank Storage Treatment. Unique Camping + Marine Store-It Black Tank Storage Treatment. Unique Camping + Marine

How It Works

When you use your RV’s toilet, your waste is stored in your black tank. The goal of a good holding tank treatment is to do three critical things: eliminate toilet odors, maintain working sensor probes, and digest solid waste for easy and thorough dumping. It’s the last on this list that we’re concerned with here: waste digestion.

Here’s the rub… even if you are treating your tanks with a high-quality tank treatment, like RV Digest-It, there are still a number of ways that waste can get left behind in the tank. A few common culprits include:

  • RVs that are slightly out of level while camping, or dumping. Because tanks drain with gravity, waste that is in the low spots can remain inside the tank even after a thorough tank rinse. This waste can harden over time and be resistant to rinsing, even when the tank is level again.
  • Shelves inside the black tank. Many RVers are surprised to learn that there are ledges and shelves inside many black tanks that are used to hang the black tank from the bottom of the RV. These shelves can collect waste that remains inside the tank, even after sufficient treatment and rinsing.
  • Sagging tanks or low spots in the tank. Many black tanks begin to sag over time, creating low spots for waste to accumulate in. Because these low spots are often below the discharge port, waste will not fully drain out of the tank.

Because of these reasons, we recommend that RVers treat their tanks with Store-It whenever possible. Store-It is the first product of its kind that is designed to be left inside a black tank, so the active ingredients can keep cleaning while the RV is in storage!

While your RV is stored between camping trips, Store-It’s active blend of enzymes and bacteria move about the black tank, taking aim at any left-behind waste that can eventually lead to persistent odors, clogs, or misreading sensors! Store-It is designed to liquefy this waste, so it can easily flush out upon dumping, leaving your tank spotlessly clean!

Rest easy knowing that Store-It’s powerful formula is designed to be left inside a black tank for days, weeks, or even months, while the RV is in storage, and will not damage your tank or components. By filling your tank with water and 8 ounces of Store-It, you can rest easy knowing your RV is being deep cleaned while it sits in storage between camping trips!

For that extra-deep-clean, add Store-It to your wastewater regimen!

What You Can Expect With Store-It

Green Checkmark. Unique Camping + Marine

The Cleanest Black Tank In The Campground

Green Checkmark. Unique Camping + Marine

Extra-Strength Waste Digestion

Green Checkmark. Unique Camping + Marine

No Left-Behind Paper or Human Waste

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Peace Of Mind

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World Class Customer Support

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Compatibility With The Unique Method

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Main Method

Using Store-It is easy! But before we get started, there are three critical things you need to know:

Three Important Things To Know!

  1. Never keep water in your black tank, or use Store-It, if temperatures could drop below freezing while your RV is in storage. This can lead to frozen and damaged tanks and pipes. You should always winterize your RV if you intend to store your RV in sub-freezing temperatures. Store-It is not designed to replace antifreeze.
  2. Store-It is designed only to be used in black tanks. We do not recommend storing your gray or galley tank full of water. This will lift grease and grime from the tank floor, which can be distributed on the tank walls and lead to sensor malfunction. For directions on deep cleaning gray tanks, read this guide.
  3. Store-It is designed to be used for extended periods of time and will not damage tanks, valves, seals, or components.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is what you need to know about Store-It, so you can understand how to get the most from it!

Using Store-It is simple:

  1. Dump and rinse your black tank when leaving the campsite
  2. At your storage site, make sure your black tank valve is closed and fill your black tank with freshwater (Store-It can only clean the parts of your tank covered by water, so fill it up!)
  3. Shake well and add 8 oz. of Store-It to the black tank
  4. Sit back and relax! Store-It will do the work of deep cleaning your black tank while your RV sits in storage!

Store-It really is the perfect solution for deep cleaning. When it comes to bacteria and enzymes, time is the magic, and Store-It provides ample time to get the job done more effectively than any other type of black tank cleaner! With Store-It, you can rest easy knowing that your black tank is the cleanest it can be!

Using Store-It With The Unique Method

The Unique Method is an easy-to-follow treatment method that is used by thousands of RVers every day to prevent holding tank problems before they happen. Treating your holding tanks with Store-It, following The Unique Method, will ensure your holding tanks remain free from odors, clogs, and misreading sensors. The graphic below shows where Store-It fits into The Unique Method treatment process.

Unique Method Flow Chart icons Unique Method Flow Chart icons

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