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How To Clean and Restore Black Tank Sensors In Your RV

September 25, 2019

How to clean fix repair restore sensor probes gauges in my RV black water holding tanks

Misreading black water holding tank sensors are notorious for being one of the most frustrating fixes within the RV community. We have written extensively about this topic and now it's time to use Unique Sensor Cleaner to restore your black tank level monitors!

If you are wondering why your sensors are malfunctioning, you can learn more about that here.

Go here if you're looking for tips to restore misreading level gauges in your gray tank.

The steps for restoring your malfunctioning sensor probes is quite easy! Follow these steps and you should be back on track in no time!

  1. Close your black tank valve
  2. Fill your tank with water (you have to have water as high as the highest misreading sensor to clean it!)
  3. Shake your bottle of Sensor Cleaner very well
  4. Pour one half of the bottle of Sensor Cleaner into your black tank through the toilet.
  5. Let sit for as long as you can. The longer the better! By allowing Sensor Cleaner to work longer, you are giving the active microbes more time to chew up and digest the waste that is clinging to your sensor probes. Sensor Cleaner can be left inside a tank for weeks or months at a time. It will do no damage to your holding tanks with this extended working time. We recommend 48 - 72 hours for optimal cleaning.
  6. Open your black tank valve and dump your tank
  7. Rinse your tank very thoroughly
  8. Repeat if necessary

If you follow these steps 99% of the time your will see your tank level gauges start reading properly again. If you don't see success after performing this cleaning you may need to repeat the process as you have significant waste buildup on your sensors.

Sign up and get regular discounts on your favorite RV necessities. Unique Camping + Marine Holding Tank TreatmentsHopefully this has helped you restore your malfunctioning black tank level monitors! If you're have some trouble and would like help, our customer support team is always here to help. We help people every day solve sensor issues and we'd love to help you! Please email our customer support team and we'll be sure to offer guidance in any way we can!It's also possible that your sensors are simply broken and need to be repaired if you don't have success after 2 or 3 cleanings.


Happy Camping!

Unique Camping + Marine


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