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Monthly Newsletter February 2024

  • 4 min read

You may be wondering why in the world you’d need to buy a special toilet brush for your RV… and it wouldn’t be an invalid question! Logically, it would make sense to just use your home toilet brush in your RV because a toilet is a toilet, right?

Actually, no! Welcome to the wonderful world of RVing where nothing is ever simple 😂

Many of you seasoned RVers know how important it is that you leave your typical home toilet brush at home and you use a toilet brush that is compatible with your RV toilet when you’re on the road, in your RV.

For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, here’s what is going on!

Your RV toilet is not built the same way your home toilet is, and using a home toilet brush could end up causing several gross, annoying, or costly problems.

Standard Toilet Brush VS. Unique RV Toilet Brush

Unique RV Toilet Brush

Non-silicone Toilet Brushes

Keeps toilet odors from seeping into the RV

Green Checkmark Icon Unique Camping + Marine Red X Icon Unique Camping + Marine

Can damage seals inside your toilet bowl

Red X Icon Unique Camping + Marine Green Checkmark Icon Unique Camping + Marine

Cleans without scratching

Green Checkmark Icon Unique Camping + Marine Red X Icon Unique Camping + Marine

RV toilets have a couple major differences from your home toilet. Pretty much every RV toilet uses a flush ball valve, with a valve seal around it, to close your toilet bowl when you're not flushing. This seal holds the water in the bowl so you don’t have a dry bowl. It is also a critical part of your odor control process. If the seal becomes faulty, not only will water from your bowl leak down into your black tank, but that’s a two-way street, and the stinky gasses inside your black tank can escape back up into your RV. Not only are these sewer gasses stinky, but they can be dangerous (another reason to keep your black tank valve closed, and to utilize p-traps in your hoses)!

You want to make sure your seal is not damaged and leaking, and your home toilet brush may be worsening this problem. Home toilet brushes are typically made with firm, harsh bristles and these bristles can damage your seal and cause the flush ball seal to no longer be water and air tight.

Those damaging bristles can also scratch certain RV toilet bowls, which is another thing you’ll want to avoid.

RV toilet bowls come in three different types: ceramic, porcelain, or plastic. Using a home toilet brush on a plastic toilet bowl can severely scratch the surface and these scratches become a haven for debris and bacteria, which build up in the scratches and look pretty nasty! Not only do you see the scratches, but the debris and bacteria can leave behind dark stains that look almost like you have permanent poo stains striped across your bowl - YUCK!

Because no one wants stinky RVs, poo-striped bowls, or to be elbow deep in toilet bowl flush ball repairs, most savvy RVers use a toilet brush that is made for RVs and is designed to help prevent these issues.

Unique RV Toilet Brush is a game changer here! In the past, people used special brushes for RV toilet bowls that were downright pathetic. They were essentially a plastic handle that had these little strips of gauze that you slid into them and “cleaned your bowl”. Anyone who has ever used these overpriced, underwhelming bowl brushes knows how ridiculous they are!

The Unique RV Toilet Brush is made from soft, flexible silicone bristles that work so well you’ll probably start using it in your home toilet bowls! Additionally, our toilet brush mounts to the inside of your sink cabinet drawer which prevents rolling while you’re driving! GAME CHANGER!

So, to all you RVers who are hearing this for the first time, you’re key takeaways are this:

  1. Save yourself from the problems that come from using a home toilet brush, and use a toilet brush that is made for RVs
  2. Don’t waste your time or money on the cheap old-school versions that are out there! Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Unique RV Toilet Brush.

A Note About Your Toilet Bowl Cleaning Product:

One last thing to mention… Now that you know how important it is to use the right toilet brush, don’t skip over the importance of using a toilet bowl cleaning agent that is designed for RVs! Household toilet bowl cleaners typically contain bleach and caustic chemicals that will kill off the beneficial bacteria inside your black tank that keep your tanks odor- and clog-free. Additionally, these caustic cleaners can damage the valve seal we’ve talked about in this post. Simply put - never use home toilet bowl cleaners in your RV toilet bowl. Instead, use Unique Scrub-It or Unique Flush-It for a sparkling clean bowl that actually benefits your black tank, helping to keep waste buildup and odors under control!

Got questions? We’re here to help! Email our customer support team!

Happy Camping!
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