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May Newsletter 2024

  • 2 min read

As you know, we’re all about avoiding clogs, tank odors, and misreading sensors around here...

Here’s How We See It

You bought your RV so you could enjoy life a little more, and every minute you waste struggling with toilet troubles goes against the whole purpose behind getting an RV!

We want your RV time to be your happy time.

Our goal here at Unique is to help you solve the problems before they happen, so you can spend your time making memories with friends and family instead of fussing with your toilets. And that’s the purpose behind Clean-It Black Tank Deep Cleaner.

Waste Buildup In RV Black Tanks Causes Problems

Even well maintained holding tanks can get waste buildup. It’s actually quite common.

Waste that builds up in an RV black tank can lead to:

  • Clogs (pyramid plugs, blocked lines, or compacted waste)
  • Persistent odors
  • Misreading sensors

If you allow waste to build up inside a tank, it can cause several other problems people don’t consider as often:

  • Tanks that fill up too quickly (and need to be dumped more often) because of lowered tank capacity from left-behind waste
  • Channels that can form in left-behind waste that allows tanks to drain liquid waste, but slowly, and tend to accumulate solid waste over time

OPP (Other People’s Poop)

If you purchased a used RV, you’re probably dealing with OPP (other people’s poop) inside your tank, and though that may not cause problems - it’s pretty dang gross to think about. We can help you here!

A Simple Solution

Luckily two easy cleanings with Clean-It can solve or prevent all of these things!

We recommend that all RVers deep clean their RV black tanks twice per year - once at the beginning of the season, and once before you put your RV into storage for the off-season. Full timers and those with stationary RVs should deep clean every 2-4 months because of heavy usage and tanks that are parked out of level and cause waste pooling.

Think of it like this: treating your black tank with a holding tank treatment is like brushing your teeth every day - critical. But, you also go to your dentist once or twice per year for a deep cleaning to make sure you’re problem-free. It’s the same with your black tank.

Deep cleaning your black tank is easy, and nothing outworks Clean-It, which is why it’s the #1 solution trusted by RVers for deep cleaning their black tanks.

Grab a bottle, and clean your tank before you head out this summer, so you can spend your trip making memories, not struggling with your holding tanks!

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