RV Toilet Clogs: Series

The word “toilet” and the word “clog” should be considered the worst word pairing in the English language. Add the word “RV” to the front of it and you might have the worst attributive noun of all time. Toilet clogs are the worst, and being in the middle of nowhere in an RV can just make the problem feel even more pressing. While some think clogs are an unavoidable part of the RVing lifestyle, we can definitively say, no! Clogs do not have to be an accepted normal. In this series, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about RV toilet clogs:
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Using an actual toilet while camping is probably a big reason why you bought an RV in the first place, so dealing with a clog is never a fun experience. Before you can begin fixing a toilet clog in your RV, you need to be sure about which type of clog you are dealing with. Some RV toilet clogs have identical symptoms but different solutions. In this guide we’ll explain the different types of clogs you could have and how you can diagnose the clog that’s cramping your style.
  • 4 min read
The most common type of clog is a pyramid plug. The name of this little bugger is pretty descriptive; an RV pyramid plug is quite literally a pyramid of poop and paper that has built up inside your black water holding tank! We’ll get into the reason for this below, but you should know right from the get go that it’s very easy for a pyramid plug to form if you’re not following the proper RV holding tank care procedures.
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The Pyramids at Giza are awe-inspiring and entomb some of the most powerful ancient figures in history. Poop pyramids in your RV holding tank are not quite as spectacular and only entomb annoyance and headaches. But getting rid of poop pyramids is much easier than dispensing with ancient historical landmarks. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to knock out a pyramid plug for good.
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Many RV owners, especially those who are new to the lifestyle, will run into some sort of a holding tank issue, whether it be a pyramid plug, a compacted tank, or a blocked line. Of all of these types of clogs, however, a blocked line can be the most deceptive. A blocked RV toilet line is relatively uncommon, but it can be difficult to diagnose as it is often mistaken for a pyramid plug. Luckily, a blocked toilet line is normally much easier to fix than a pyramid plug, and it’s much less serious!
  • 3 min read
In this article, we’ll be discussing the compacted tank. In its simplest form, this is a very accurate description! A compacted tank occurs when your entire black water holding tank (or at least a significant portion of it!) becomes clogged with compacted waste (in essence, a big block of often dried out, solid poop and toilet paper!).
  • 4 min read
There are a number of ways that clogs can form in your RV black tank, but most common of all is that people forget to or aren't in the habit of following a few simple steps to keep their RV clog free. The following simple tips will save you hours of valuable time and potentially hundreds of dollars in services fees and man hours.
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To poop in an RV toilet or not to poop. That is the question that RVing newbies and experienced veterans both ask. But unlike Hamlet, you don’t have to agonize over the answer because the answer is YES! You can poop in an RV toilet despite what you may have heard about number two inevitably causing a number of problems. RVers value the luxury of having a real toilet to take care of business instead of having to do it in the wild outdoors or some campground porta potty, so why would you deprive yourself of that benefit? And when it comes down to it, luxury while camping is the main reason you bought or are considering buying an RV in the first place.
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