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Introduction to RV Toilet Clogs

  • 2 min read

Article 1 of 8 in Series: RV Toilet Clogs

The word “toilet” and the word “clog” should be considered the worst word pairing in the English language. Add the word “RV” to the front of it and you might have the worst attributive noun of all time. Toilet clogs are the worst, and being in the middle of nowhere in an RV can just make the problem feel even more pressing. While some think clogs are an unavoidable part of the RVing lifestyle, we can definitively say, no! Clogs do not have to be an accepted normal. In this series, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about RV toilet clogs:

  1. What Kind of RV Toilet Clog Do I Have?
  2. What is a Pyramid Plug?
  3. How to Clear a Pyramid Plug
  4. How to Clear a Blocked RV Toilet Line
  5. How to Clear a Clogged RV Black Tank
  6. Preventing Clogs in Your RV Holding Tank
  7. Can You Poop in an RV Toilet?

These articles will describe the different kinds of clogs you may experience and will provide an easy test to figure out which kind you are dealing with. Because pyramid plugs are such common problems, we provide a whole article that gives a little more information on how they form and what should be done to avoid them. We also provide articles showing you the best way to clear all types of clogs and what you should be consistently doing to avoid them in the future. Finally, we dispel the belief by some that to avoid clogs you must avoid pooping in your RV toilet. After all, you are probably using an RV so you can enjoy the comfort of pooping in a toilet and not an outhouse or the great outdoors.

The next article will help you understand the types of clogs you may experience and how to figure out which one you have.

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